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Anti Static Hair Brush
For Women

Is your hair prone to static electricity and frizziness? Then the X-Static anti static hair brush is for you!

It is a patent pending hair styling brush offering an all-in-one solution to your static and frizz challenges.

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billboard furbabs xstatic

X-Static AntiStatic Hair Brush For Woman

Do you suffer from static electricity and frizz? X-Static is a patent pending hair styling brush offering an all-in-one alternative that solves your static and frizz challenge.

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Refillable Tear-Away Sheets

How do you get rid of static in your hair with the ForBabs X-Static? The key is in the disposable anti-static sheets that fit over the brush bristles. With every stroke, the sheet removes static from the hair and smoothes down fly-away strands. Plus, not only do the hair brush sheets remove static, they also make it easy to clean the brush of hair, oils and everyday dust.

ForBabs is the first and only brush manufacturer to incorporate such an innovative idea into a hair styling tool.

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Functional Easy-to-use Affordable

ForBabs has designed the first and only anti static hair brush for women, children and hair stylist professionals that are challenged with static and frizz. Our brush is easy to use, easy to carry, affordable, hygienic, and most importantly…. it really works!

ForBabs X-Statix Anti Static Hair Brush

Giving Back With
Our Brushes

ForBabs is committed to bringing the highest quality product into the beauty industry. We are so proud that our brushes are manufactured right here in the United States, creating secure jobs in our local communities.

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