Essential Tips to Tame Curly Frizzy Hair

Essential Tips to Tame Curly Frizzy Hair

There’s nothing quite so beautiful as naturally curly hair. And equally, there’s nothing quite so frustrating for the owner of the naturally curly hair to deal with frizz and flyaway hairs. Fortunately, there are some easy tips to help you tame curly frizzy hair, and some of them are so simple that you’ll wonder how you ever had a good hair day without them.

Tame Curly Frizzy Hair With A Natural Smoothing Serum

The right smoothing hair milk or cream will do wonders for your curly hair. Choose a product that does not contain silicons or sulphates, or go natural and experiment with olive oil or coconut oil. Once you’ve chosen your product, pour a small amount into the palm of one hand and lightly rub your palms together. Then, work the product into your hair, but stay away from the roots and focus more on the ends and the outer extremities of your hair.

Use an Anti Static Brush

Be extremely vigilant about the tools you use to brush and style your hair. Taking a traditional hair brush to dry curls can only lead to more frizz, so aim to style the hair while its wet or, if that’s not possible, wet your fingers or a wide toothed comb instead.

Your combing technique is just as important as the tools you use. Rather than combing your hair from the roots down to the tips, work in reverse. Start at the tips of your hair and comb and detangle your hair one section at a time, gradually moving further upwards until you reach the roots.

But as anyone who has naturally curly hair would know, using a wet comb or your own wet fingers will only go so far towards helping you tame curly frizzy hair. The perfect tool is a specially designed anti static hair brush, but such a thing doesn’t exist: until now.

ForBabs are the proud creators of the X-Static anti static hair brush for women, and its applications for curly hair are impressive to say the least. The X-Static anti static hair brush neutralizes static in curly hair, taming frizz and eliminating flyaway hair. Powered by individual, easy to replace sheets, ForBab’s revolutionary hair styling product keeps itself clean by repelling dirt, dust, loose hair, and old hair styling product while keeping your hair naturally frizz free.

Deep Condition Once a Week

The benefits of a once-a-week deep conditioning for curly hair are undeniable. It is a fact that curly hair tends to be drier than straight hair, and deep conditioners were designed to replenish lost moisture and return your curly hair’s naturally soft, luxurious feeling.

Deep conditioners are surprisingly easy to use. Once a week, apply the deep conditioner to your hair immediately after you come out of the shower, and leave it on your hair for the time advised on the packet, usually between 10 and 20 minutes. The trick is to wear a shower cap while the deep conditioner works its magic, which will keep your hair moist and warm, providing even better results.

Swap Towels for T-Shirts, And Cotton for Satin

These final hacks to tame curly frizzy hair are often met with a raised eyebrow, but all we ask is that you give them a try and let the results speak for themselves. Firstly, instead of using a towel to dry your hair after a shower, use a cotton T-shirt instead. Towels are designed to be super absorbent, and the last thing your curly hair needs is for all the moisture to be pulled out of it. Cotton T-shirts, on the other hand, are not absorbent, and will simply remove excess water from your freshly washed hair without ripping all the essential moisture away.

Next, do away with your cotton pillowcases and switch to satin instead. The reasoning is the same as the towels vs. T-shirts argument above: cotton absorbs moisture, and sleeping on a cotton pillowcase will gradually drag all the moisture out of your hair while you sleep. Satin, on the other hand, won’t absorb anything, leaving your hair as smooth and luscious in the morning as it was the night before.

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