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With so many different types of hair brushes on the market, it can seem like finding a frizzy hair brush that is right for your hair type is like finding a needle in a haystack. But now, the best hair brush to prevent frizzy hair is perfect for any hair type!


Anyone who has frizzy hair has probably spent more time than they’d like to admit searching for the best hair brush to prevent frizzy hair, the best hair brush to prevent breakage, or even the best brush for damaged hair. In reality, people who tend to have flyaway hair are just looking for a frizzy hair brush that actually works: right?

Have you ever wondered why some people struggle with dry, frizzy, or flyaway hair more than others? For some people, it seems like they only need to think about humidity for their hair to start misbehaving.

Dealing with Frizzy Hair on A Child

It’s hard enough for adults to tame their own frizzy, flyaway hair, but when it comes to frizzy hair in children? That’s another set of problems right there.

Uncombable Hair Syndrome Hard Work Even for The World's Best Frizzy Hair Brush

Having a child who tends to suffer from frizzy hair when the weather turns humid can be difficult, especially since children tend to learn fairly early that having their hair brushed is not the most pleasurable of all activities.

And while most parents of children with frizzy hair think their child’s hair must be particularly uncontrollable or high maintenance, spare a thought for children with a rare condition known as “uncombable hair syndrome.”

Uncombable Hair Syndrome: Hard Work Even for The World’s Best Frizzy Hair Brush

While it sounds like a term that a frazzled parent might invent, rest assured that “uncombable hair syndrome” is a real thing, and luckily it seems to be quite rare. Children who suffer from this condition tend to have light blonde hair, with an unusual shine, and it is extremely frizzy.

People with this unfortunate syndrome literally cannot brush the tangles or frizziness out of their hair. Calling it “a battle they cannot hope to win,” hair specialist Professor Regina Betz has said that children affected tend to have simultaneous mutations in three specific hair growth genes, PADI3, TGM3, and TCHH.

The good news is that the symptoms tend to lessen over time, so children with hair that even a frizzy hair brush may not be able to tame shouldn’t have as many problems as they get older.

For Everyone Else, There’s The X-Static ForWomen Frizzy Hair Brush by ForBabs

ForBabs are the proud inventors of the X-Static ForWomen, a revolutionary anti static hair brush that – as the name suggests – removes static from frizzy, flyaway hair, while also keeping itself clean at the same time.

The X-Static ForWomen features refillable, tear-away sheets that keep the frizzy hair brush free of oil, old hair product, and other nasties that tend to take over a regular hair brush after only a few months of use.

Another Tip to Tame Frizzy Hair: Dry Conditioner

Yes, you read that right: dry conditioner. By now, dry shampoo has a firm place in everyone’s cupboard of hair and beauty essentials, but you may now have known that dry conditioner exists too, and it can be just as handy as dry shampoo.

Another Tip to Tame Frizzy Hair Brush With Dry Conditioner

For people prone to frizzy or flyaway hair, the last thing you want to do is wash your hair too often. Washing your hair not only strips it of the dirt and oil, but it also strips away the natural oils in your hair, leaving your locks even more prone to frizziness.

The Perfect Trio: Dry Shampoo, Dry Conditioner, And A Frizzy Hair Brush

Multiply the effect of your new X-Static ForWomen frizzy hair brush by adding an extra day or two into your normal hair washing routine. On the day that your hair starts looking a little oily at the roots (generally the third day after your normal wash and blowout) you’ll also notice that your ends are looking a little dry, too.

Work the roots and bangs with dry shampoo, then take to the ends and the length with dry conditioner – but never the crown. Continue to use your new frizzy hair brush by ForBabs, and you’ll finally be free of frizzy or flyaway hair forever.

Doesn’t that sound almost too simple to be true?



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