Groom Your Dog at Home and Save On Professional Dog Grooming Services

Groom Your Dog at Home and Save On Professional Dog Grooming Services

Owning a pet is an expensive exercise, and most pet owners are keen to save money wherever they can. While arguably the biggest expenses that come with pet ownership are vet bills and food, neither of which can be substituted for a cheaper alternative, dog grooming services can easily be performed at home without having to pay the exorbitant costs associated with using a professional groomer. Sometimes it just comes down to knowing a few simple tricks on how to keep your pet clean and tidy without paying for professional dog grooming services.

Dog Haircut Anxiety – The Dog’s Point of View

Some dogs develop an anxiety around haircuts and other dog grooming services, making the experience unpleasant for everyone concerned. It will be worth the effort to help your dog become accustomed to staying still long enough to be groomed, and even getting used to the noise of the shaver, if you choose to go that route.

As with any other aspect of dog training, use praise, positive reinforcement, and plenty of treats to keep your dog happy while being groomed. It won’t be long before your dog will associate hair cutting with a positive experience, something to be looked forward to.

Dog Haircut Anxiety – It’s All about the Owners

This time we are talking about your anxiety, not your pet’s! For naturally short-haired dogs, regular brushing and occasional washing is all that is needed to keep your dog’s hair clean, smooth, and pleasant smelling. On the other hand, dogs with continuously growing hair have much greater dog grooming needs, and many people prefer to leave dog haircuts to a professional.

Indeed, it takes time and experience to learn how to properly cut your dog’s hair. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t tackle the task yourself. Spending time grooming and cutting your dog’s hair can be a bonding experience, provided it is done in a way that doesn’t cause the dog discomfort or anxiety.

Dog grooming scissors and a good brush can be the only tools you need, or you may even decide to invest in electric pet shavers. The can be expensive, but arguably worth it when compared to the cost of professional dog grooming services.

The trick is to take the pressure off yourself about giving your dog the perfect haircut. Sure, you might make a few mistakes along the way, but it won’t be long before your dog’s hair will grow back (at around 1 cm per month, in fact) enough to hide any mistakes or “holes” you may have made. Always remember that your dog doesn’t care what they look like, so the only one concerned about a bad haircut is you.

Bathing Your Dog without Professional Dog Grooming Services

Ideally, dogs should only be bathed when necessary. Healthy dogs with healthy skin and a good coat do not need frequent baths, and generally only need to be cleaned if they have an unpleasant odor or because they have rolled in something messy, or have otherwise developed a dirty coat. Frequent hair brushing is an effective way of spacing out your dog’s baths.

Bathing your dog too frequently can cause skin problem and dry and brittle hair, as the natural oils on their hair and skin will be stripped away too often.

An excellent way of spacing out the frequency of your dog’s baths is to use an anti static dog grooming brush. The FurBabs pet grooming brush, brought to you by the same people who created the revolutionary X-Static anti static hair brush for, offers an all-in-one solution for your pet hair care needs, acting as a brush, de-shedding tool, and natural odor eliminator all at once.

Powered by refillable tear-away sheets, the FurBabs brush stays clean of dirt, dust, and pet hair, while leaving your dog smelling fresh and boasting clean and shiny hair.

Brushing your dog with a specialized anti static pet grooming brush will allow them to go much longer between baths, protecting their skin and hair from unnecessary trauma.

If you’re the proud owner of both a dog and a cat, check out our recommended cat grooming tools to make feline ownership much easier (and cheaper).

Which dog grooming services do you outsource, and which do you tackle yourself? Let us know in the comments, and please like and share!

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