Cat Grooming Tools to Make Feline Ownership a Breeze

Cat Grooming Tools to Make Feline Ownership a Breeze

Unlike dogs, who can tend to be a little more accommodating that their feline counterparts, cats can be difficult to groom. That’s why having the perfect selection of cat grooming tools at your disposal will make the process so much easier.

Here are our top tips for cat grooming tools to help keep your cat clean and healthy without any fuss or unnecessary expense.

Dental Hygiene Is Not Just for Humans

Did you know that cats require dental care, in the same way that humans do? In fact, unclean teeth can cause tooth decay and even gum disease in cats, resulting in an appointment with the vet for a dental procedure. Most people know just how expensive a routine checkup can be, and it stands to reason that specialist veterinary dental care for your cat won’t be a cheap exercise.

Luckily, dental hygiene for your cat can be easy to achieve, provided you start early and make it a rewarding experience. Specialist cat toothbrush and toothpaste kits will most likely be available at your local pet store, otherwise you should be able to order what you need online. Unlike humans who need to brush their teeth twice a day to maintain good oral hygiene, cats only need their teeth brushed two or three times a week.

When it comes to the right cat grooming tools to keep your cat’s oral hygiene in check, start first with a toothbrush made especially for cats. If this doesn’t work or your kitty is being uncooperative, try a finger brush, which is similar to a rubber thimble that turns your finger into a makeshift toothbrush. For kittens or smaller cats, a Q-Tip or other swab could be used instead of a toothbrush.

On the topic of cat grooming tools for dental hygiene, perhaps the easiest way to get your cat on board with the idea is to invest in specialist cat toothpaste in a taste your cat will love. Believe it or not, cat toothpaste comes in chicken, beef, and tuna flavors, and while it might seem counter-productive to rub something that tastes like chicken on your cat’s teeth in order to clean them, the process will nonetheless be effective.

The Perfect Grooming Brush

Just like with human hair brushes, brushes for cat grooming come in all shapes and sizes. In the end, there is no hard and fast rule as to which brush will best suit your cat. You may need to employ some trial and error with different brush sizes and types to find the one that your cat most enjoys.
An alternative to a cat hair brush is a grooming glove which, as the name suggests, is a specialty glove that you wear while stroking your kitty as normal. The glove pulls out stray hairs and loose fur, unbeknown to your cat who will think he is just having a nice bit of affection.

But the newest addition to the world of cat grooming tools is the FurBabs pet brush: a specially designed anti static brush that keeps your cat smelling fresh while brushing away dirt, dust, and excess hair at the same time. Incorporating individual pull-off sheets that can be replaced as necessary, the FurBabs anti static pet brush basically keeps itself clean while grooming your cat at the same time.

Kitty Nail Clippers

Clipping your cat’s nails is no easy task, because – unlike human fingernails – part of your cat nails contains a bunch of capillaries and nerve endings, and will cause immediate pain if cut. Luckily, there are cat grooming tools to the rescue, as safety nail clippers made especially for cat feature a mechanism that physically prevent the nails from being clipped too far down. For this reason, nail clippers for cats are a must have if you plan to cut your cat’s nails by yourself.

The same reasoning applies to dogs, with dog nail clipping being one of the more important dog grooming services needed to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Wet Wipes to The Rescue

Just as wet wipes for babies evolved as a portable alternative to warm water and a washcloth, there are brands of wet wipes specifically designed for cat that can be used on the go. Ideal for wiping a cat’s eyes or nose, wet wipes for cats are single use and disposable: the perfect alternative to water and a washcloth, especially if you don’t fancy the idea of washing and reusing a washcloth after you’ve used it to wipe your cat’s nose.

What are your top tips for cat grooming tools? Let us know in the comments, and please like and share!

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