Essential Styling Tips for Curly Hair

Essential Styling Tips for Curly Hair

From an outsider’s point of view, there’s nothing more beautiful than a head of curly hair. But from the point of view of the person who deals with and wears those curly tresses day in and day out, it takes a lot more work to keep curly hair under control than most people think. If you find yourself cursing your curls, or spending an inordinate amount of time getting your hair looking just right every day, read on for our essential styling tips for curly hair.

While straight hair tends to behave much the same day in, day out – except for weather variations which can cause static and frizziness – naturally curly hair almost seems to have a life and personality of its own. Similar to people with straight hair, frizz, dryness, and humidity can wreak havoc on curly hair. But curly hair offers its own unique challenges as there are many types of curls, and the behavior of an individual’s curls can vary from day-to-day.

Brushing curly hair  

Start Fresh

First in our list of styling tips for curly hair is to start with a clean canvas, so to speak, before you begin attempting to style your curly hair. Wash out any leftover spray, serum, or other products that might be in your hair from your previous styling session by using a cleanser that is sulphate-free to wash out anything that may be left behind.

Rinse in Cold Water

We started with the obvious, and now we’ll move on to one of the biggest secrets of styling and brushing curly hair: wash your hair in the coldest water you can stand. Unlike hot water, cold water seals the cuticle on each individual strand of hair, resulting in noticeably shinier and sleeker curls even after your hair is dry.

If the idea of a completely cold shower fills you with dread, have your hot shower as you normally would but protect your hair with a shower cap. When you have otherwise finished in the shower, let the water run completely cold and wash your hair as best you can without letting the cold water run over your body. Otherwise, wash your hair in the sink with cold water once you have finished your shower.

Moisture is Key in these Styling Tips for Curly Hair

Curls crave moisture, and the difference you will notice in the manageability and appearance of your hair when you start using a leave-in conditioner may well surprise you. Before you begin styling your hair, apply a leave-in conditioner to give your curls the moisture they need: it will also act as the perfect preparation for brushing curly hair.

If you already use conditioner in the shower and you don’t like the idea of applying another coat of leave-in conditioner afterward, experiment with not washing all your shower conditioner out. Leaving just a bit of conditioner in – to the point where your hair feels evenly smooth and sleek under the running water but where you can no longer feel the product sitting on top of your hair – will give you all the benefits of the leave-in conditioner without doubling up on product.

Static Is Not Your Friend

Possibly the worst enemy of anyone seeking to maximize the beauty of their natural curls is frizz. Thankfully, ForBabs has created a straightforward solution to this age-old brushing curly hair problem. The X-Static ForWomen is an anti static hair brush, and it’s the first and only one on the market. The idea is simple: the X-Static brush uses a patent pending design that is proven to draw static charge out of your hair, leaving you with a frizz-free shine. Adding the ForBabs anti static styling brush to your arsenal of beauty tools is one of the best styling tips for curly hair that anyone could recommend.

If You Have Time, Air Dry, Otherwise…

The healthiest way to dry your curly hair is to allow it to air dry in its own time. Rubbing or ringing out your hair separates the curls and causes your hair to become rough and frizzy. Similarly, a regular hairdryer will damage your hair over time, so if possible let your hair dry naturally on its own.

As good as this advice may be, it is not always practical. When time is of the essence and you need to speed up your hair drying time, turn your hairdryer to its coolest setting and use the diffuser. The diffuser spreads out the heat from the hairdryer (which shouldn’t be too strong anyway if you have it on its coolest setting) rather than blasting a jet of air onto one section of your hair.

Our final piece of advice in our list of styling tips for curly hair is to add extra volume to your curls by using the diffuser upside down underneath the tips of your hair, gently pushing your curls up. Stop before your hair becomes completely dry, and always allow your curly hair to dry the last remaining moisture on its own.

What are your top tips to style curly hair? Let us know in the comments, and please like and share!

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