The Trendiest Hairstyles of 2020

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The word of the year for 2020 is change – we’re sure you can relate! We’ve changed all aspects of our lives, so why not our hairstyle too? A new hairstyle can feel rejuvenating and relaxing. It gives you a new lease on life! We know many of us could use a redo after the way this year has treated us, so let’s have some fun!

Luckily, this year’s trends aren’t drastic changes – they’re just a quick changeup, giving you that fresh look you want and maybe even a nod back to some of our favorite (less stressful) generations.

The ‘Rachel’

If you grew up in the 90s, you KNOW the Rachel and probably had it. Guess what? It’s back. It never really left as it’s a timeless haircut with long layers, blow-dried out and curled under. The layers lay ‘just so’ giving you a sophisticated look with volume and movement. Let’s channel our inner Rachel and embrace this trend.

Chin-Length Bob

This year it’s all about the ‘short’ hair, but not too short. Chin-length is perfect because it gives your hair fullness without looking frizzy or drab. Play with the look, wearing it pin-straight, or blown out with the ends curled under. 

Bangs – Short and Cute

Bangs are back but in a fashionable sense. Cut them just above your brow line and decide if you want ‘full bangs’ or wispy bangs, giving you that carefree look while taking advantage of this year’s trend. They frame your face perfectly, showing off your shaped brows and gorgeous eyes.

Curtain Bangs

The 70s are back and looking better than ever. If you aren’t ready for the short bangs look or it’s too much of a commitment, consider side-swept bangs from the 70s. These longer bangs sweep to both sides of the head, whether you wear your hair swept up or down and long, it’s a gorgeous look that’s great for any face shape.

One, Long Length

If the ‘bob’ isn’t your thing, create the long hair version of it with one length, but long hair. The blunt ends create a straight, and shiny look that is flattering on anyone. Keep your length, but give your hair the ‘edginess’ you desire. If you want a little texture, cut a few blunt pieces around your face for a sophisticated look.

Modern Shag

Channel your inner Taylor Swift with the modern shag. It’s the ‘female mullet’ and is great for any type of hair, straight, curly, long, or short. Short bangs, textured body, and flipped ends give you that timeless look you desire.

Use the Right Products to get your Hairstyle

No matter the trend you choose, you need the right hair products to achieve the look. Fortunately, the 90s hairstyles don’t require a bottle of hairspray a day like they used to, but using the right static-free tools will leave your hair frizz-free, giving you a chance to show off your 2020 trending hairstyle without the embarrassment of flyaways and tangles. 

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