7 Hacks To Tame Frizzy Hair Fast

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Getting rid of frizzy hair is a task that can easily consume your hair care routine. But working to tame frizzy hair doesn’t have to be everything you think about. Understanding what frizzy hair is all about, then using some clever hacks for managing major curls can make your hair care simpler and your life much easier.

But First, Let’s Look At What Causes Frizz

A fascinating fact is that frizz is caused by a lack of moisture but that high humidity, or moisture in the air, creates frizz. How can moisture be both the problem and the solution? When hair doesn’t have enough moisture in it to begin with, it starts looking for that moisture in the air. The cuticle opens up as the day goes on, because hair is hungry for that moisture. When it finds that moisture in the air BOOM – you’ve got frizz.

The path to controlling the mess lies in getting the moisture right. To tame frizzy hair, you need to focus on moisture control. These seven clever frizzy hair hacks will empower you to get on with your life with hair that’s easy to maintain and super manageable.

Tame Frizzy Hair Like The Pros With These Insider Hacks

Hack #1 – Conditioner Only Days

Twice every week, skip the shampoo and only use conditioner on your hair to tame frizzy hair naturally. Most of us think that we need to shampoo our hair several times each week, but for the most part that’s overkill. Every third day, use only a conditioner on your hair. Hair conditioner contains the same surfactants that shampoo uses to cleanse your hair, only in much smaller amounts. That means you’re not stripping your hair of its natural oils when you wash it.

TIP: If your hair is on the thicker, coarser end of the spectrum, go with a rich conditioner. If your hair is on the finer side of the spectrum, go with a lightweight conditioner.

Hack #2 – Use A Hair Hydrating Mask One Day A Week

This is an especially important step in the colder months when hair is drier, and is also an important part of your routine all year long in any climate. A hydrating hair mask will help you to tame frizzy hair without much time investment. Think of this step as part of your routine to pamper yourself. You deserve it!

Hack #3 – Air Dry Before You Blow Dry

Remember, taming the frizz is all about staying in control of that moisture level in your hair. When you use a blow dryer, you’re forcing hair to dry faster and hotter than it would otherwise. You’re pushing your timetable onto your hair instead of letting it take the lead. The hot air from a hair dryer works to dehydrate your strands, frizzing them out.

Let your hair dry 90% of the way, then hit it with the hair dryer for the last ten percent. If you’re serious about your quest to control frizzy hair, this is a big step.

Hack #4 – Use A Mixed Bristle Brush And Dry Oil To Tame Frizzy Hair

While you’re waiting for your hair to dry that 90% of the way, use a dry oil to add even more moisture to your hair. Start at the ends and work your way midway up the shaft of your hair, distributing the oil widely and evenly. Then when your hair is to that magic 90% dry, use a mixed bristle hairbrush to seal the moisture into the outer cuticle of the hair for extra smoothness. We think that our X-Static anti-static hairbrush for women is the best tool for the job, as it has been specifically designed as a frizzy hair solution!

If you’re headed for a flat iron, STOP! Wait until hair is dry. Doing this will make sure that your moisture is totally sealed in.

Hack #5 – Distribute Natural Oils By Brushing Hair Regularly

Brushing hair can be an indulgent act. If you’re struggling against frizz, learn to love brushing your hair. For the best results, hang your hair upside down and brush your hair with a static-eliminating hairbrush. Start at the roots and work your way down, brushing thoroughly until hair is silky. Then flip your hair over and brush from the outside.

More is really more with brushing if you want to tame frizzy hair. Getting your hair’s natural oils out from the scalp and roots is a natural and simple way to take care of your hair. Relax and indulge in brushing your hair!

Hack #6 – Keep A Product With You For Re-Hydration

All of the hair care that happens before work isn’t going to save you when you’re out and about and the frizz strikes. To take care of frizzy hair on the go, keep a light hair serum with you in your bag. To apply, keep it away from the roots and spray it on the shaft and ends, then work it in.

If you don’t have any product with you, it’s time to put your hair in a braid to reinforce the moisture. In a pinch, you’ve got to make it work!

Hack #7 – Use Hand Or Body Lotion

For sudden bouts of frizz that require major intervention, use some hand or body lotion. Don’t put hand or body lotion on your roots, else you’ll risk becoming a greasy mess. But you can absolutely use this hair taming hack on the ends and middle of your hair.

Rub a small amount of hand or body lotion into your palms, then run your fingers through your hair to give it a polished, effortless shine and to tame those wild strands.

Taming Frizzy Hair Doesn’t Have To Be Overwhelming

It can be challenging when you realize that you’re going to be fighting frizz forever. But you don’t have to feel overwhelmed at the prospect of keeping your curls under control. Staying on top of the moisture problem will let you feel in control of your hair so that you can move on with the rest of your beauty routine.

Take time to pamper your hair! You deserve it and so do your lovely locks. Tame frizzy hair without losing your mind or wasting your time.

Over to you. Do you have any tips for taming frizzy hair? If you could recommend one daily haircare habit, what would it be? Share your comment below. We’d love to hear your story!


Top 10 Fixes for Frizzy Hair

Getting rid of frizzy hair is a task that can easily consume your hair care routine. But working to tame frizzy hair doesn’t have to be everything you think about. Understanding what frizzy hair is all about, then using some clever hacks for managing major curls can make your hair care simpler and your life much easier.

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