So You’ve Tried It All? These Stinky Dog Remedy Tips Really Work

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Yes they’re our furry best friends, so long as you have a stinky dog remedy to keep you from locking them outside!

We provide for them and even make sacrifices for them. But your love for your dog won’t remove the unbearable odors some of them have. And they can’t do it themselves either. We know you’ve tried many stinky dog remedy methods. But if you’re still having trouble with dog odors, then you haven’t tried them all. And a Furbabs grooming brush should be first on your list.

Combine it with these practical tips and you’ll never struggle with odors again.

6 Stinky Dog Remedy Tips That Work

If you long to have your dog next to you on the couch without it requiring holding your breath, here’s how to do it.

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1. Groom Your Dog Effectively

Grooming is important even if your dog has short hair. Odors have a way of clinging to surfaces you wouldn’t think of. That’s why you struggle to counter them. Until now.

2. Clean Your Dog’s Ears

You may not realize that dirt in a dog’s ears causes odors. Dirt can also lead to infections, yeast production and ear mites. These all carry bad smells.

To prevent these your dog’s ears simply needs a good cleaning:

  • Use ear cleaners or mineral oils available from pet stores.
  • Wipe the ear where you see wax. Guide your finger through all crevasses in its ears. If the wax smells bad your dog has an ear infection. Consult your vet immediately for a solution.
  • Rub mineral oils or prescribed ear cleaners in the dog’s ears above the ear canals. Use your fingers to rub the solution in. This breaks up debris so you can easily clear it away.
  • Use a cotton ball to remove any liquid.
  • DON’T force anything-such as ear buds-down the ear canal.

Here’s a tip: Ear infections usually accompany other skin problems. If you notice an ear infection—redness, odor, swelling and discharge—look for rashness and dryness. Treat it so you can help your dog recover faster. These actions will also combat bad odors.

3. Brush Your Dog Daily

Brushing your dog daily removes any dirt or debris from your dog’s fur. These particles play a huge role in trapping and distributing bad smells. This is why it’s important to keep your pet’s brush clean. Even better is using a FurBabs pet brush. The removable sheets make it easy to discard the dirt.

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4. Clean Your Dog’s Teeth

Dirty teeth is a leading reason you don’t want to look your dog in the eye anymore.

Ask your vet whether it’s simply from dirty teeth or whether other problems are lurking. Bad digestion or other serious diseases can cause bad breath too.

Brushing teeth daily is essential and a dynamic stinky dog remedy. It’s not only about ridding them of the smell. Your dog’s teeth determine its health and a normal dog diet doesn’t remove all plaque:

  • Find a toothbrush suited for your dog’s mouth and teeth size
  • Purchase dog only toothpaste
  • Use a pea size amount of the dog’s toothpaste.

Your dog will fight you in the beginning. It’s a new habit both of you have to get used to. Give your dog a treat afterwards as a reward for his or her patience.
Supplement this ritual with regular chewy treats designed to remove additional plaque.

5. Deodorize

Don’t dare using human perfumes, deodorants or other household scents as a smelly dog remedy. These are bound to irritate its skin. Here’s what you can do:

  • Have you considered the baking soda dog deodorizer as a stinky dog remedy? Yes you can rub your pet all over with some baking soda. Then simply brush the fur thoroughly to remove the particles. This home remedy absorbs the odors and refreshes the fur safely.
  • Purchase dog deodorizers designed for their skin and fur.
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6. Bath Your Dog Correctly

Are you used to dealing with dog odor even after a bath? This doesn’t mean you can leave bathing out of the equation. You must remove the grime your dog loves to roll around in. Simply do it correctly for effective results:

  • Add some vinegar—small amounts—to the water. This disinfects and counters odors.
  • Add baking soda to the mixture for additional effect.
  • Dry your dog thoroughly with a towel after he or she shook itself. Many odors stem from bacteria that thrives off a warm moist environment.

Don’t let your dog roll on the grass before he or she is completely dry because the wet or damp fur absorbs smells.

Additional Stinky Dog Remedy Ideas

It’s not only about grooming but about your dog’s lifestyle. These stinky dog remedy tips are essential if you want to rid your home of smells:

  • Prevent your dog from reaching trash on your property. Your dog can consume spoiled food or get covered in it.
  • A balanced diet and exercise promote a healthy gut. This is beneficial to you and your dog because it reduces flatulence.
  • Wash your dog’s bed and sheets with vinegar or baking soda. Ensure they’re completely dry before your dog sleeps on them again or you’ll only worsen the problem.

In the end, the good news is that most of what you need to de-stink your pooch is already in your home! Then, you could add a FurBabs pet brush to your grooming sessions and you can enjoy your pets company again!

We think all pet owners deserve to experience a stank-free furball, so PLEASE share this with your friends on social media!


Healthy dog vs smelly dog

There’s no need to put up with a smelly pet in your house. We ask the grooming experts and share the best smelly dog remedies for you to use at home.

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