How to Take Care of Your Long Hair: 7 Best Tips

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The human hair grows at least half an inch per month. So, if you have struggled to grow your hair to the length it is, you would want to take care of it by all means. Taking care of your long hair could be a bit challenging if you don’t know the right routine to follow.

However, to complete the steps we will be highlighting in this blog about how to take care of long hair more effectively, we strongly recommend the use of ForBabs’ anti-static brush. It could be all you need to change your hair game for life. That being said, let’s have a look at the 7 best tips to take care of your long hair.

1. Use dry shampoo while washing

One thing you should know is that your hair should be washed less frequently. Frequently shampooing can strip the hair of its natural properties, make it brittle, and eventually lead to breakage. When you apply dry shampoo, your hair will always be oil-free while washing.

2. Condition your hair well

Conditioning your hair helps it become smoother and less tangled. If you want to invest in your hair care, spend your money on buying good conditioning products. However, before applying a conditioning product, you need to wring out as much water from your hair as possible. Conclusively, conditioning products are very vital in maintaining your long hair.

3. Always massage the scalp

Regular massaging of the scalp is a sensual way of stimulating the blood flow to the cuticles. To grow your long hair, you need to tackle the problem from the root. You should always massage your scalp to release the dead skin and stimulate blood flow.

4. Always keep your hair untangled

Keeping your hair untangled is a full-time job because tangles are extra stressful to deal with. If you deal with this without being careful, you may end up losing parts of your hair. How can you solve this? 

You can solve it if you use a good brush on your hair while washing. While brushing your hair, start from the end and move upwards, so you do not pull the hair out of the roots. The usefulness of ForBabs’ hairbrush cannot be over-emphasized. Invest your money in getting the right products for your hair treatment.

5. Use deep hydrating treatment twice a week

If you have styled your hair with heat before, you will know the benefits of using deep hydrating treatments to replenish the lost moisture. However, you can also achieve the same result if you are using an oil that is rich in Vitamin E, such as avocado oil or olive oil. For the best result, it is advisable to warm the oil on a low heat before you apply it. The heated oil will become more effective by allowing it to be easily absorbed by the hair.

6. Use hair bands that don’t pull the hair root

Using a plastic coil type of band or a crunchy band will help your hair settle. It doesn’t put your hair under unnecessary stress, and it keeps the strands resilient and strong. Choose the best hair bands that will comfort you.

7. Buy a good brush

When your hair does not look good, it is usually due to the absence of moisture. The hair secrets lipids through the hair follicles. However, having a good brush helps you thoroughly distribute the lipids down to the end of your hair. Making it look shiny and attractive.

For this course, we will be recommending ForBabs’ anti-static hairbrush. Many people are speaking highly of this brush already. We recommend it as it gives your long hair that relaxing and attractive look when used.  

Final Words

Having a good brush is key to having long-lasting and straight hair. The best type of brush you can get is the anti-static brush with refillable treatment sheets from ForBabs. With this brush, you will bring the best out of your long hair.

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