It’s That Time Of Year When Wondering How To Get Static Out Of Hair?

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There’s a strange phenomenon that occurs around the same time every year. The days get shorter, temperatures drop, heaters come on, the air dries up, and anyone prone to frizzy, flyaway hair starts Googling “how to get static out of hair.” Sound familiar? Read on, because recent developments mean that static hair is now a thing of the past.

The Science Behind Static Hair

How much do you remember of your high school physics? Listen up, because this particular lesson affects your hair. All matter is made up of particles. When two materials rub together, friction happens. Now depending on the types of materials, the friction can cause a particular type of particle, electrons, to jump ship from one material to the other. That causes a charge imbalance, whereby there aren’t enough electrons on one material, and too many on the other.

When it comes to your hair, the electrons in the strands of your hair sometimes jump from where they’re supposed to be (in your hair) to another surface, like a plastic comb. Now with no electrons about, all the strands of your hair are positively charged. Like charges repel each other (picture trying to push two magnets together), and since the strands of your hair are all positively charged, they’re all trying to get away from each other.

There are a whole lot of hair strands and not much room on your hair, so the only way the positively-charged strands can get away from each other is to stand up on end, or to defy gravity and stick out from the sides. These gravity-defying stands create what we know of as frizzy hair, or hair static.

Do Away With Synthetic Fibers

The first answer to the question of how to get static out of hair is to do away with synthetic fibers. It is these fibers that are causing the electrons in your hair to abandon their post, so avoid them coming into contact with your hair as much as possible.

The biggest culprits are polyester and nylon, but even some natural fibers like silk and wool can cause a static buildup.

Rubber-soled shoes can even cause static charge. The rubber causes a buildup of static electricity, contributing to hair static and making it more likely for you to get that annoying, sometimes painful zap when you touch metal or another person.

Banish Dry Air With A Humidifier

The original cause of the problem is frizzy hair is dry hair, so when you want to know how to get static out of hair, try turning on a humidifier. The job of a humidifier is to add moisture back into the air, going a long way towards solving the problem of flyaway hair.

An added bonus is that, in the same way that dry air feels cold, moist air can warm up your house. Running a humidifier will not only help keep your hair under control, but can lower your heating bill too.

Pretend You Have Curls

If your hair is particularly prone to static problems, choose shampoo, conditioner, and hair styling products designed for curly hair, even if your hair is straight as a pin. Products designed for curly hair are typically wax-based, which will help to weigh your hair down. Avoid the temptation to choose volumizing hair products, as these will only add to the problem.

Stop Over-Washing

When you’re in the habit of washing your hair daily, it can be difficult to stop. But over-washing strips your hair of its natural oils, causing it to dry out and – you guessed it – become fizzy and even more prone to static hair problems.

How To Get Static Out Of Hair? Use An Anti Static Hairbrush

Plastic combs are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to frizzy hair. With this in mind, many people switched to wooded or other natural-material brushes, but that will only go partway towards de-frizzing your hair.

Luckily, the team at ForBabs have taken the guesswork out of choosing a hairbrush that will not only stop causing static to accumulate in your hair, but will rid your hair of the static charge that has already accumulated.

The X-Static anti static hair brush is the first and only hairbrush of its kind that solves the problem of hair static for good. Featuring individual tear-away sheets, the X-Static hairbrush smoothes flyaway hair by removing any built-up static, while preventing any further static charge from accumulating.

Dryer Sheet Technology

Why does the X-Static anti static hair brush work so well? The secret is in the individual tear-away sheets. People with frizzy, flyaway hair have long known that dryer sheets can help with hair static. By storing plastic combs in dryer sheets, and even running a dryer sheet over their hair, people have been able to eliminate the problems associated with hair static to some extent.

The problem with dryer sheets – apart from the obvious fact that you would have to hide your use from others since it would look rather strange to rub dryer sheets over your hair in public! – is that if you rub too hard, you’ll end up with white residue in your hair.

That’s why the X-Static anti static hair brush is so brilliant. It incorporates the technology behind dryer sheets but in a way designed specifically for hair: and using an anti static hair brush is how to get static out of hair without having to hide in the bathroom while you rub dryer sheets over your hair!

Find out more about the X-Static anti static hair brush and learn how to get static out of hair for good.

Do you have any other tips to banish static from your hair? Comment below, and please share with your friends!


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