Stop Wasting Time! Learn How To Get Static Out Of A Hair Brush, Fast!

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NSIDER TIP: The BEST way to get static out of a hair brush is to use a static-reducing brush! We think you’ll love our X-Static Brush (shameless plug) which has been designed specifically to help you reduce frizz! Why not try it out?

Ladies, I’m sure you’ll agree that static can ruin an entire hair do. It can even ruin a day. When your hair refuses to behave and your hair brush makes it even worse, you’re probably livid by the time you leave the house. But how to get static out of a hair brush?

I know many women—and men—who will gladly pay a fortune to make the problem of static disappear.

The good news is the answer is right in front of you. Yes there are many static hair solutions. One of the best tips I can give you is how to get static out of a hair brush.

Ready to get your hair under control again?

Where Does Static Come From?

You win more battles if you know your opponent. So let’s get some facts about what causes static hair situations.

Static refers to when electrons move from one object to another. For this to happen the objects must touch or rub against each other. This situation—in terms of your hair—usually takes place during brushing.

Electrons move from the brush to your hair or vice versa. Now one object has a positive charge and the other negative. This means they’re attracted to each other. This is why your hair moves when you bring the brush near your head. They turned into magnets!

This situation is further enhanced by dry conditions.

Why Is It Important To Get Static Out Of A Hair Brush?

The science behind static shows part of the challenge lies with your hair brush. Counter that problem and half your battle is won.

One less source of static means a lot less frustration. And it’s not even difficult. Here’s all you need.

The Tools That Help You Get Rid Of Static Fast


How to get static out of a hair brush? Follow the professional’s advice.

Most hair dressers keep a spray bottle with water nearby. Water neutralizes the effect of static. Water molecules attract some of the charges so their effects are less powerful on your hair and brush.

Simply spray your brush with the water. It doesn’t have to be very wet. You can shake off excess moisture so you can brush your hair without transferring water to it.


Dry conditions enhance the effect of static. Change the environment and you’ll be amazed at the result.

Don’t use your conditioning unit for heat so much. That heat dries out the air in your home. See, being smart about static will even help you save on utility bills! You can also use humidifiers to increase the moisture in the air. This will help to get your hair brush static free.

Invest in an Ionic Hair Dryer

If you regularly dry your hair and strands fly all over the place, it’s time to invest in decent equipment.

An ionic hair dryer counters static by delivering ions with negative charges. This influences your hair and hair brush’s polarities. Now they can’t attract each other the way they normally do.

Try the Label M Tourmaline hair dryer. At London Fashion Week this ionic hair dryer helped keep the models’ hair looking fabulous. If it’s good enough for them you know it will serve you well too.

Reduce Frizz With These Easy Home Remedies

You can see from the science that you simply need to establish a new type of charge on your brush. Various items in your home can help with this:

  • Emery boards: Swipe an ordinary emery board—wood not metal—through the bristles of the brush.
  • Dryer sheets: What else in your home is affected by static? Dryer sheets are designed to keep clothes from sticking to each other. Guess what causes this. Static electricity! Rub a dryer sheet over your brush to remove the static from it. With a different electric charge it will have a different effect on your hair.

How To Get Static Out Of A Hair Brush – You Won’t Regret Trying This

If you’re serious about your hair it’s time you invest in an X-Static Antistatic Hair Brush. This brush has tear away sheets. In other words they counter the effects of static in the same way dryer sheets do.

This means your brush no longer compounds the problem. Since the designers did the hard work you can simply enjoy your hair again – no frizz intended!

Now you can see that a scientific approach to an everyday problem puts you back in control. You know this is a problem women struggle with around the globe. Are you going to help them find the solution too? Start sharing this on your Facebook page so everyone can benefit!

Professional hair stylists and hairdressers have some exclusive trade secrets when it comes to frizzy hair management, but we’re spilling the beans! Find out about static hair, and how you can remove static from your brush like a pro.


What is Static Electricity?

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