How To Fix Frizzy Hair While On-The-Go In 4 Easy Ways

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Most women barely have time to sleep, never mind invest in their hair! So what do when your hair frizzes up just as you’re about to head to a meeting or date? Check out our four easy hacks to learn how to achieve sleek hair while-on-the-go!

Considering how busy American women are these days,  frizz control feels like a dream impossible to achieve. One study shows four in ten American women feel rushed, while another reveals 92 percent of working moms are utterly overwhelmed. So let’s get real: if research says most women are so busy they are suffering from lack of sleep, how many have the time invest in anti-frizz control!? From researching the intricacies of what causes frizzy hair to finding the perfect product, learning how to make your hair not frizzy takes precious time we simply just don’t have. Yet it doesn’t matter how full your schedule is; hair remains an unforgiving and demanding beast. It threatens meetings and presentations, frizzing up just as we’re about to head in to make our mark. What’s a girl to do!?

Thankfully, there are some ways to beat the beast even while on-the-go. Save the day by arming yourself with these anti-frizz control weapons:

1) Prevention Is Best: How To Make Your Hair Not Frizzy: 

To prepare for a battle, you must know thy enemy first. Before we even delve into our on-the-go hacks, let’s back up a bit and take a look at some of the science behind the frizz.

What Is Frizzy Hair?

So what causes frizzy hair? Well, to make a long story really short, your hair frizzes up when it’s deprived of moisture. To make up for the deficit, the hair absorbs moisture from the air around it, causing strands to swell up — especially when it’s humid!

What To Do:

Naturally, thus, the best way to make sure your hair remains sleek is to arm yourself with conditioner. Thankfully for the average busy superwoman, you don’t even have to condition every day, or even wash with shampoo! In fact, washing your hair daily will make your hair even frizzier. To save yourself the time and a bad hair day, just apply conditioner twice a week while you’re already in the shower. It’ll take less than 15 minutes and will keep your hair game strong for days.

2) Apply Lotion

Let’s get real: if you barely have room in your schedule for breakfast, finding the perfect tiny hair product can still eat up a lot of your time. If it’s an emergency, a temporary solution may already be hiding in your purse! It turns out that lotion you got as a stocking stuffer may actually work as a de-frizz tool. According to New York-based stylist Mark Garrison, hand and body lotion can help tame a frizzy ponytail. Just rub some lotion together with your palms before running it through your hair for a sleeker look, and you’re good to go. Even if you don’t have one lying around, small lotions are much easier to come by than great hair serum — you could probably even pick one up during your lunch break from the local convenience store!  

3) Bobby Pins, Braids And Buns:

Ok. So you forgot your lotion at home. Your hair is frizzing up and you have an important meeting to rush to. What to do then!? Don’t worry — it happens! If you have a simple bobby pin on you, it can still work wonders.  Make sure you always carry a few in your purse to tame flyaways! Even better, keep a travel-sized hairspray in your purse to apply while pinning away the frizz. If worst comes to worst and you don’t have either, just tie your hair up in a bun, a braid, or another hairstyle that will hide the frizz. This will keep your hair controlled and contained even if you don’t have any products on you.

4) Use The X-Static Anti-Static Brush

Sometimes no matter how hard you condition, the frizz persists. Whether you’re flying for work or find yourself frizzed up in the middle of a storm, carrying the X-Static Anti-Static Brush in your purse may just save your hair from expanding into the dreaded frizz halo! Armed with disposable anti-static sheets, every stroke smoothes away the frizz within seconds. Best of all, its small size makes it portable; you can keep it in your purse and brush away the frizz really anywhere.

 5) Consider Hair Serum 

Even if you’re not heading out of town, you should still carry a travel-sized hair serum in your purse. Unlike the X-Static Anti-Static Brush, however, this purchase may take some extra research and may be pricey; after all, not all serums are made equal. For example, different textures require different treatments. If you have fine and thin hair, apply a small lightweight spray serum from root to tip. However, for the 65 percent of American women who have curly or wavy locks, it’s best to purchase a travel-sized cream or oil formula.

So There You Have It. From Anti-Static Brushes To Lotions And Braids, Clearly There Are Multiple Ways For The Average Superwoman To Tame The Frizz While Out Taking Over The World.

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below! Remember: sharing is caring. If you have more hacks, don’t keep them to yourself! Spread the word below.


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