How To Control Frizzy Hair Without Spending A Fortune

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Despite spending $55,000 on their hair alone, studies reveal only 7% of American women love their locks while 68% don’t! It’s no secret why: when most think of beautiful sleek hair, we imagine celebrities like Kim Kardashian strutting their stuff, their tamed tresses turning heads at every corner. Waking up in the mornings preparing to battle our own frizzy manes, we can’t help but yearn to effortlessly look that way ourselves too — but how? Surely we need all kinds of fancy products and equipment to tame frizzy hair, and not to mention money! Sure, we may dream of having the kind of silky straight hair celebrities boast, but let’s get real: nobody can afford the kind of hefty price tags usually associated with A-lister hair frizz control. Right?


Yes, you read that correctly. It turns out the Hollywood hair gods have been hiding their secrets from us. Luckily for you, we’ve uncovered a few. Come join us as we teach you how to control frizzy hair without going bankrupt. Get ready to start loving your locks:

1) Skip A Trim And Tame Frizzy Hair In No Time:

If you want beautiful hair, it may seem counterintuitive to postpone your next stylist appointment but you should. Emma Watson’s hair colorist, hairstylist Rodney Cutler, warns excessive trims can actually increase hair frizz. To avoid this, it may be wise to let your hair grow an inch or two longer than you usually would. According to Cutler, this will “give the hair a bit more weight” thus allowing you to tame frizzy hair.

2) Moisturize: How To Control Frizzy Curly Hair

Frizzy curly hair is perhaps the most challenging to control, but it’s still possible to do so without taking a massive hit to your finances. The key — even if you have straight hair — is to moisturize. Using a deep conditioner or a hair treatment mask to add moisture, for example, helps control the curls by sealing the hair cuticle, thus preventing humidity from getting in. It also hydrates the strands so it doesn’t need to soak up more from humidity.

3) Take It Easy On The Blow Dryer

Any kind of styling product that uses heat can potentially frizz up hair as it naturally dries up moisture. Blow-dryers are no exception, but thankfully there are ways around this. For a sleeker and healthier look, make sure to wait at least 15-20 minutes after showering to blow-dry — and be sure to use it on the lowest heat setting possible. In the meantime, use your towel to gently blot your hair dry while you get ready. Bonus hair frizz control hack: Kardashian hairstylist Jen Atkin recommends using a microfiber towel or cotton t-shirt to squeeze any moisture out!

4) Tame Frizzy Hair With An Anti-Static Hair Brush

What if taming frizzy hair was as easy as brushing your hair? With the X-Static anti-static hair brush, it can be. With its refillable, tear-away sheets, this affordable hairbrush neutralizes static charge, leaving your locks sleek and healthy. What’s more, the brush doesn’t damage your hair in the way products that use heat do. It’s size also means its portable; unlike a blow dryer, you can take this on the airplane or to work and quickly defrizz your hair without anybody knowing.

5) How To Fix Frizzy Hair Without Lifting A Finger: Go To Sleep

Talk about effortless hair frizz control! Hairstylists to Kim Kardashian and Margot Robbie, Jen Atkin and Sarah Potempa, are some of many experts increasingly prescribing satin or silk pillowcases. Tossing and turning against a cotton one produces friction, while also soaking up hair moisture. In contrast, satin or silk pillowcases allow your hair to retain its moisture while also reducing friction.

6) Ditch The Daily Wash For Better Hair Frizz Control

They say cleanliness is a virtue, but like everything in life, it can be harmful if taken to the extreme. This may come as a shock to some, but washing your hair actually has its drawbacks. A study by Dr. Raymond F. LeRoy published in The Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine reveals it can strip hair of important minerals such as calcium and potassium. Thus, it’s wise to embrace moderation, especially if you want sleek hair.  Excessive washing can deprive your hair of its natural oils, causing frizz while also drying out moisture. At most, it’s best to wash your hair every other day.

7) Eat

After sleeping, eating is arguably the most sedentary activity in the world, but it can work wonders for your hair. According to one study published in the Dermatology Practical & Conceptualnutritional deficiencies ranging from a lack of iron to protein can affect hair volume and growth. Celebrity hairstylists know this. That’s why they advise their clients pay attention to their diets.

What’s more, there are also specific foods that, in addition to making your hair long and thick, can also tame frizzy hair. For example, salmon is filled with healthy fats and vitamin D which, combined, keeps your locks hydrated so it doesn’t poof up.  Potatoes are another godsend! Loaded with beta-carotene, an essential ingredient your body needs to produce vitamin A, potatoes can help your hair’s healthy oils from drying up and expanding into a frizz halo.

Voila! Now You Know How To Control Frizzy Hair Without Going Bankrupt!

Clearly, you don’t need an A-lister bank account to look like a million bucks! From anti-static hair brushes to silk pillowcases and more, now you know how to control frizzy hair without spending thousands. Make sure to try these hacks out and tell us all about your experiences in the comments below! Show off those beautiful locks by sharing photos as well!

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