How Do You Get Rid Of Static In Your Hair: Eight Do’s And Don’ts

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Did you know your straightener may actually be contributing to your bad hair days? From flat irons to certain hats, check out all the ways you’re unwittingly causing static hair — and learn how to stop it!

Research reveals a quarter of women admit they can’t live without their hair straighteners. We understand why: flat irons are strangely seductive things. At first glance, it seems like the ideal quick fix. In just a few minutes, you can walk out of the door looking sleek…until a few minutes later when you realize your hair has turned into a static mess! The culprit? That deceptive hair straightener!

Yet flat irons are just one of the many things out there women often use that are causing bad hairs days without them realizing it! Even some hats can be culprits! Never fear, however. From adding moisturizers to using certain brushes, there are a number of ways to battle these hair-raising side effects. Come join us as we teach you what not to do — and what you should definitely do –to achieve sleek, static-free hair!

Why Do I Have So Much Static In My Hair?

Before arming yourself with anti-static weapons, we’re going to have back up a bit here. To fight static, it’s extremely helpful to understand why it builds up in the first place. To make a long physics lesson extremely short, it is believed static emerges when two objects rub up against each other. In the process, one object loses electrons while the other gains one. The former gains a positive charge, while the latter gets a negative charge. In the absence of moisture and humidity to reduce this charge, your hair turns into this massive pool of electrons, so overwhelmed it literally lifts up. Thankfully, however, it turns out we do at least have some control over how staticky our hair can get. Certain things make it worse, while others reduce the static. Let’s first look at what to avoid:

Four Don’ts:

Don’t Wear Acrylic Hats:

It’s always risky to wear a hat. Anything you don on your head stands the chance of rubbing against your hair, causing friction and that pesky electric charge we are trying to avoid. In a cold and dry environment, this spells havoc for hair, producing static. Yet not all hats are created equal; some are far more likely to lift your hair up than others. For instance, unless you’re somehow a fan of the “hat head” look, steer clear of acrylic hats! These are made of synthetic fibers which, according to one study, actually increase static electricity!

Don’t Wash Your Hair Everyday:

Forty-nine percent of American women admitted to washing their hair every day. That likely means they’re also spending a lot of time something else: fighting a ton of static! It may seem counterintuitive to think that cleaning could ever be a bad thing, but washing your hair daily with shampoo actually adds to the electrical charge. It also dries out your locks, leaving them vulnerable to static — particularly if you wash your hair with hot water! This is true even if you add conditioner, or use a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner hybrid.

Don’t Comb Your Hair With Certain Materials:

Combing hair already causes friction which can generate static electricity if done excessively. Combined with the wrong kind of comb, you’re heading for a bad hair day! Many combs are made of synthetic fibers which, as we’ve already mentioned, add static electricity in spades so be careful.

Don’t Straighten:

Everybody loves their flat irons. In fact, one Australian study revealed women and men alike spent over $100 on their hair straightener. Yet as we mentioned earlier, heating products like flat irons can make matters worse. So why does your hair get static when you straighten it? Using a hair straightener not only stretches out strands, it dries out hair so much static can’t help but build up.

The Four Do’s: How Can I Stop Static In My Hair?

So now you know what to avoid, let’s talk about what you can do.

Add Water:

Seriously! This is an incredibly easy way to fix static fast. Fill a small spray bottle with warm water, add a tablespoon of hair conditioner, shake and mix, and you’ve got yourself a portable anti-static weapon! Just spritz a little on your hands and smooth through your locks when you notice static starting to creep up while out-and-about, and you’re good to go.

Do Moisturize:

As we mentioned earlier, static results when two objects run against each other, resulting in an incredible amount of static charge. Yet as you may remember, we also said all of this happens in the absence of moisture. The way to fight static is thus a no-brainer: moisturize your hair! For example, you can use a humidifier to help your hair retain its moisture. You can also use conditioner or other conditioning products to do so, particularly before you straighten your hair. This may help reduce the damaging and hair-raising effects static can produce during a flat-iron session.

Do Use The X-Static Anti-Static Hair Brush:

With this anti-static hair brush, all you honestly have to do is brush your hair and you’re good to go! Armed already with anti-static sheets, this all-in-solution is the only one of its kind out there. What’s more, the sheets are disposable, making it easy to keep your brush clean — an incredibly important, but often overlooked, part of hair care. Unfortunately, it’s often a time-consuming, complicated affair. Thankfully, however, with the X-Static Anti-Static Hair Brush, all you have to do is simply just throw away the sheet. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Do Sleep On Silk:

When we sleep, we often toss and turn, thus creating the type of friction static loves. What’s worse? Many of us tend to sleep on the kind of pillows already prone to static. As we mentioned earlier, synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester actually build static electricity. Meanwhile, cotton pillows tend to absorb hair moisture. The result? A hair-raising mess! Sleeping on a silk pillow is the best way to avoid this while protecting your hair.

So There You Have It. If You Avoid The Likes Of Certain Hats And Combs, But Add The Anti-Static Hair Brush And Moisturizer, You Can Easily Achieve Static-Free Hair!

To learn more about how to remove static, check out our previous blog post which goes into even more detail! Make sure to share your own anti-static hacks in the comments below!


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