Beat Uncontrollable Hair With This Top 10 Frizzy Hair Treatment

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Do you suffer from frizzy hair? Do you know what the best frizzy hair treatment is for your hair type? This is such a common hair complaint, especially from people who live in humid climates or have curly, wavy or unruly hair.

How To Stop Frizzy Hair In Its Tracks

The main culprit of frizz is dry and damaged hair. The porous hair sucks moisture from the air, which causes it to swell. That means the best way to combat frizz is to replace the moisture in the hair and lock it in.

10 Frizzy Hair Treatment Ideas

This list of frizzy hair hacks will give you some great ideas on what to use for frizzy hair in terms of products and also some tips on how to tame frizzy hair with styling tools.

10.  Create A Silky Finish With Serum

If you only have one styling product in your arsenal, make it serum! Apply while your hair is damp. Rub a small amount of serum between your palms and evenly distribute it from the midsection to the ends of your hair.

9. Clean, Condition And Protect Hair At The Same Time

Avoid cheap shampoos at all costs (pun intended) as they tend to contain really harsh and damaging ingredients. Strong chemical detergents, such as sulfate, can actually worsen frizz.

A key ingredient you should look for is glycerin. Use a shampoo with a high concentration of glycerin, fights frizz by penetrating the hair shaft and hydrating it from the inside out. Even better, it coats the outside of the hair shaft creating a protective coating.

Always use a hydrating conditioner after shampooing. Apply it only to the mid section and ends of your hair. Using a conditioner near your roots can make it appear flat and lifeless.

8. Apply Natural Oils, Never Silicone

There are lots of products boasting natural oil ingredients, but keep it simple and check your kitchen cupboards first. Coconut oil can work wonders on frizz!  Only apply oil to towel-dried hair. You’ll only end up with greasy hair if you put it on when your hair is dry.

Silicone-based products can build up over time and that residue weighs down the hair. In addition, they can actually hide any damage on the hair, by making it appear shiny.

7. Pamper Your Hair With A Nourishing Mask

Once a week, comb a hair mask on and pop a shower cap over the top. Put your feet up for half an hour or so and let the mask do its magic.

Hair masks will help to repair any damaged spots in the hair shaft. If left untreated, these spots will absorb the outside moisture causing frizzy hair.

6. Blow Dry At 90%

Start with blotting your wet hair with a towel, microfiber towel or even an old t-shirt. Never twist or rub your hair vigorously as you can break the hair.

If you do need to use a blow dryer, wait until your hair is almost dry. Of course, before you apply any  heat to your hair (either a blow dryer or flat iron), make sure you use a heat protectant spray or cream.

5. Find A New ‘Do

Why not try some hew hairstyles that will enhance your natural hair type while covering up frizz? The easiest for long hair is a simple bun or top knot. For those with short hair, try a funky hair band or some pretty clips.

4. Touch Up On The Go

Always have a mini  product in your purse for a quick touch up in the bathroom. At a pinch, you can even use body lotion, so carry a small tube or fill up a travel bottle so that you always have some moisturizer with you.

3. Go Ionic

Ionic blow dryers are excellent for drying hair quickly, without boiling it!

The way they work is quite interesting. Your hair has both negative and positively charges on it but water has positive charges. To break down the water particles, a ionic blowdryer emits negative ions counter acting the positive charges. The negative ions also help the cuticle (or the outer layer of the hair strand) to lie flat.

Because the evaporation of the water is faster with an ionic dryer, your hair is subjected to intense heat for a far shorter time than with a regular blow dryer.

2. An Anti Static Hair BrushWill Be Your Styling Tool Hero

One of the best frizzy hair treatment tools is a brush that will remove static from your hair. Try the ForBabs X-Static hair brush, which features anti static sheets that fit over the bristles. Not only do these sheets get rid of static electricity from your hair, they also work to smooth down the hair and also keep the brush clean and sanitized.

Regular hair brushing helps to distribute natural oils from root to tip. The sebum keeps your hair naturally hydrated.

1. Sleep In Silk

Silk will retain moisture, while cotton absorbs it and wicks it away.

For sleek hair in the morning, tie a silk scarf around your head or you could even splurge on some luxurious silk pillowcases.

There you have it, 10 great frizzy hair treatments that are super simple to try. Let me know in the comments below if you can vouch for any, or you have your own tips to share!

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