Use These 5 Frizzy Hair Tips To Cure That Bed Hair Look

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As children, we thought that the monsters were under the bed. It turns out that the monsters aren’t under the bed, they’re in it, and they leave behind the curse that is bed hair. Of course bed hair doesn’t just come when you first get out of bed. If only it were that simple!

If you need some frizzy hair tips to get rid of your monsters, then look no further. These five tactics will help you to put the kibosh on flyaways.

Tip #1 – Make A Coconut Oil Hair Mask To Cure Frizz

Coconut oil is often hailed as a miracle cure for everything from dry skin to bad breath. While its properties for curing morning breath are hotly debated, its miracle status for frizzy hair is plain to see.

To use coconut oil as a hair mask, first put your hair in a pony tail. Then saturate your ponytail with coconut oil. It might take a hefty amount depending on how thick your hair is and how dry it’s become. Don’t saturate the roots, otherwise you’ll have a greasy mess. Once you’ve got the oil in, wrap your hair into a bun and pin in in place. If you’re going to sleep in your mask, put on a shower cap to keep your pillowcase clean. You’ll want to leave it in for a few hours if you don’t sleep in it.

Look for pure coconut oil without additives or fillers. Or go for a professional hair mask that’s designed specifically to help tame frizzy hair. Either way, you’ll know that you’re taking the best possible care of your hair.

After your time is up, wash it out and enjoy your super soft, flyaway-free hair!

Tip #2 – Brush Your Hair Before You Shower

When it comes to frizzy hair tips, one of the best is to brush your hair before you shower.

Start at the roots and work your way down the shaft. This process distributes the natural oils in your hair all through the strands, allowing you to get a deeper clean at the roots. Keep in mind that brushing wet hair contributes to flyaways and breakage. Hair is at it’s most delicate when it’s wet, so you definitely don’t want to make things worse by brushing it while it’s wet.

By brushing your hair before you shower, you’re ensuring that you can clean it effectively without risking damage that will contribute to flyaways and frizz. Use a static-reducing brush like the X-Static to ensure the best possible care for your hair.

If you’ve got to manage your hair when it’s wet, use a wide tooth comb instead of a brush.

Tip #3 – Keep Your Hands Out Of Your Hair

Yes, it looks cool when you run your fingers through your hair. But putting your hands in your hair repeatedly throughout the day contributes to bed hair. There are no magic frizzy hair tips that will fix your hair if you undo them by messing it all up with your hands!

It’s easy to pick at your hair and play with it, but your hair has a natural pattern that it will fall into all on its own. Every time you put your hands in your hair, which you probably do without thinking about it, you’re messing up the natural pattern of your hair. This can be a challenging habit to break, but the difference you’ll see when you stop putting your hands in your hair is noticeable.

Invest in a fidget spinner or a worry stone if you need something to do with your hands!

Tip #4 – Use Only Alcohol-Free Hair Products

Alcohol has a major drying effect on hair. If you want to tame frizzy curly hair, then watch closely for products that contain alcohol and avoid them. You’ll be surprised by how many common hair products have alcohol included in them, and a quick look through your hair care cabinet will likely turn up at least one.

Ditch alcohol based products for things that add moisture instead of stripping it away. This is one of those frizzy hair tips that seems completely logical when you think about it, but that slips through the cracks! Alcohol causes the cuticle of the hair to swell, which contributes to bed hair in a major way.

Get rid of bed hair by getting rid of alcohol based hair products.

Tip #5 – Wash Your Hair Less Often

If you find yourself constantly struggling with frizzy hair, then you’re probably washing your hair too often. You only need to wash your hair a few times a week – not every day – in order to keep it clean. Washing strips your hair of its natural oils and contributes to breakage as hair is most vulnerable when it’s wet. If you really feel the need to wash you hair more often, then try dry shampoo in place of your frizzy hair shampoo.

Wet hair is unhappy hair. Don’t fall into the trap of washing your hair every day if you want to keep the frizz away. The absolute best of these frizzy hair tips is that you shouldn’t wash your hair! Unless hair is visibly greasy or dirty, it likely doesn’t need to be washed.

These Frizzy Hair Tips Can Cure Your Bed Head!

You don’t have to live with that just-out-of bed look! By taking care of your hair in the right way, often through doing less to it, hair can be healthier and more manageable. Finding a hair care routine that works well for you means breaking the mold of your current routine.

If you’re unhappy with how your hair looks, change the way you approach your hair care.

Using regular hair hydrating masks, refraining from brushing wet hair, keeping your hands out of your hair, staying away from alcohol based hair products, and washing your hair less often will help you to get the kind of tame, manageable hair that you’ve been longing for.

You don’t have to be a prisoner of your current hair care routine.

What’s your best tip for taming frizzy curly hair? How do you repair dry damaged frizzy hair? Leave a comment below and share your tips.

As children, we thought that the monsters were under the bed. It turns out that the monsters aren’t under the bed, they’re in it, and they leave behind the curse that is bed hair. Of course bed hair doesn’t just come when you first get out of bed. If only it were that simple! If you need some…


What’s the difference between frizzy and flyaway hair?

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