5 Tips To Eliminate Pet Odor Forever

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he answer you’ve been waiting for to eliminate pet odor: A FurBabs pet grooming brush is in our opinion the best way you can combat pet odor. Why not try it out?

Does your house smell like wet dog? Perhaps your new friends instantly recognize you own a cat. Then you know it’s time eliminate pet odor. But how?

The problem of pet odor removal is so general you may mistakenly think there’s nothing you can do about it.

The truth is there’s hope for your home – and others’. All you need is a FurBabs brush (shameless plug!) and some effective odor management.

Yes these tips will help you eliminate pet odor in the long run.

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Eliminate Pet Odor With These 5 Tips That Really Work!

1. Boost The Health Of Your Pet’s Coat

Most of the odors you despise come from your pet’s fur. Each time bad smelling fur rubs against your furniture your home’s smells deteriorate. If you counter the pets’ smells, they won’t transfer.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Regular grooming with a pet brush removes dead skin cells. These cells trap odors. If you remove them your dog will smell better already.
  • Dirt and grime carry smells too but you don’t have to continually bathe your pet. Dirt trapped between hair can be removed by brushing too. A good grooming session—especially dogs with long hair—serves as a great treatment you can do at home.

We’ve worked had on this, which is why we recommend grooming with a FurBabs pet brush. The removable sheets will trap the dirt and dead skin. You can throw the sheets away which will remove the odors permanently.

You can add a dog fragrance to your grooming process to replace the odors, too.

2. Adjust Their Nutrition

You may not realize, but what your dog eats determines many of its odors!

  • Pet food that doesn’t benefit the digestive tract can lead to diarrhoea. This is bound to result in smelly particles sticking to your pet’s fur.
  • If your dog’s food contains fish flavors you’ll smell him or her a mile away. Limit the smell by purchasing different flavored food. Many pet foods-of any flavor-have additives that provide the same healthy Omega 3 and 6 oils fish contain.

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3. Make Sure Their Home Is Smell Free!

Pets transfer their odors to your furniture over time, so you need to ensure these are removed. Here’s why:

  • There will be fewer objects (fewer as loose fibers) smells can cling to.
  • Cleaning prevents smells from setting into furniture’s stuffing.

To make your home smell-resistant, you can replace the smells for even better results!

  • Put baking soda on furniture surfaces. When you vacuum the odors will disappear with the baking soda.
  • Add some baking soda or apple cider vinegar to your washing. When you take out your pillow covers, dog blankets and other linen they will take on this clean smell. If it smells too clinical a room or linen freshener will do the trick.
  • Do you know smells stick to hard surfaces too? Add an additional fragrance—such as vinegar—when you wash your floors. It’s an excellent pet odor neutralizer. The more surfaces you treat the better your home will smell.

Remember these steps must be done regularly. Get into the habit of doing it every second day for optimum effect.

4. Neutralize Pee Stains, Permanently

You’re probably wondering what neutralizes dog urine. This is a troubling source of pet odors especially if a stain sets in.

You’ll love having your home smell like new if you use these steps:

  • New stains can be blotted and left to dry. If you remove all the urine the smell should disappear too.
  • If you’re wondering how to get old dog urine stains out of a carpet you need a two step plan. Treat the area with carpet cleaners after which you apply an odor neutralizer such as vinegar.

Unfortunately, surfaces such as paint or wood react to urine enzymes, and may need replacing.

5. Show Your Pets Where You Want Them To Urinate

You think you providing a litter box for your cat is enough. But do they love it?


Cats love clean environments. If you don’t replace the contents of their litter box regularly, your cat will find other—cleaner—places in your home.


If your dog is urinating in your house, it’s to mark its territory. But you can use this to your benefit:

  • Dab a paper towel in its urine and apply it to areas you want your dog to mess in.
  • Don’t use cleaning products with strong ammonia smells. Your dog will want to change this offensive smell. This prompts your dog to urinate there again.

Top Tips for Pet Pee Stain Removal

  • When you do repairs or cleaning make sure you don’t use toxic products. If your pet reached the spot once he or she can do so again. You don’t want your pet poisoned accidentally.
  • Don’t use steam cleaners to remove stains and eliminate pet odor. The heat will fuse the urine stains to your carpet instead of removing it.

In the end, it’s all about implementing a manageable pet odor solution. What we’ve found is that continuous maintenance – keeping on top of smells before they get worse – is easier than removing set-in smells. There you go!

Do you have any tried-and-true smell removing secrets that we’ve missed? Share your success with us in a comment below!


How to Remove Pet Stains and Odors

There are ways of dealing with pet odors that actually work. And here we share five proven tips. You never have to worry about pet odors again!

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