Dog Odor Remedies To Help Sell Your Home Fast

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Practical Tip: If you’re planning on selling your home soon, then invest in a FurBabs dog grooming brush! Along with the tips below it’s one of the best dog odor remedies around. We know you’ll love it.

It’s hard enough to get potential buyers to commit to a sale. The odors from smelly dog breeds cause many people not to return for another look. You’ll see this happen especially when buyers aren’t dog owners themselves.

But guess what. You can prevent odors from ruining your home’s sale…

With a Furbabs brush and the dog odor remedies below you-and the buyers-will think you never even owned a dog.

Here’s how.

1. Replace Odors With Something Else

Some fragrances are strong enough to counter lingering dog odors in houses. Place one of these in your home when buyers visit:

  • Bowl with coffee beans
  • A scented candle (Stay away from flowers because your visitors may have allergies)
  • Sliced citrus fruit pieces in a bowl
  • Plate of roasted nuts in the kitchen

Your house will even seem more inviting so people will WANT to live there.

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2. Absorb Existing Smells

You’re probably used to your furniture’s smells. But to visitors they can be offensive. Swap your dogs’ odors for fresh fragrances.

Baking soda can absorb smells. Sprinkle your carpets and furniture with this & vacuum everything after an hour. You don’t need any liquids so you know you won’t damage any surfaces.

3. Remove All Odor Sources

All odors have sources. If you can find and remove them half your battle is won.

Make sure all these sources disappear from your premises when you expect buyers to visit:

  • Bedding
  • Eating bowls
  • Your dog’s house or bed
  • The dog itself – yes you must find a dog sitter
  • Dog toys

Yes selling a home odor-free requires a bit of effort. But it will be worth it.

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Remember, You Can Use These Dog Odor Remedies On Your Pets, Too!

It won’t help only refreshing your home. The moment your dog walks through the house the odors will return.

Prevent going through the same ritual each time your home is on show. Simply transform your dog.

 Adopt A Healthy Grooming Regimen

Most dogs roll around in grass. This is where foul smelling grime is picked up by their fur. Even a good brush will make a difference. Brushing removes dead skin and dirt that carries the odors you hate.

That’s why a FurBabs pet brush makes sense. Its removable sheets will capture dirt and smells. Throw them away and you remove the source of odors. Keep brushing your dog towards smelling great.

You can also take these more drastic steps.

 Use A Citrus Based Shampoo

If you own smelly dog breeds change the shampoo you use. Citrus based products are best.

Fruit fragrances are stronger than most. As long as the ingredients don’t irritate the skin it will be strong enough to counter other smells.

 Clean Their Ears

Even ears can carry bad smells. These will stick to all furniture your dog walks past.

A simple clean with cotton swabs help but you also have to remove ear mites. These critters carry smells with them. Store bought ointments are your best options.

 Use Baking Soda To Remove Smells

We already mentioned the baking soda dog odor remedy. Why not use this directly on your dog?

Unless your dog has extremely sensitive skin it won’t harm him or her. Shake some baking soda onto your dog’s fur and wipe it off after a while. If you know your dog will probably lick it, place some baking soda in a cloth and rub your pet’s fur down.

 What They Eat Can Cause Odors. Stop Feeding Them Smelly Foods!

Part of the smells you deal with come with your dog’s flatulence and stool. The condition of your dog’s waste is determined by its diet. What are you feeding it?

Dog odor remedies include countering foul smelling food:

  • Avoid fish oil products. I know this oil is extremely healthy but items such as coconut oil can be a temporary solution while you sell your home.
  • Opt for food with less artificial flavoring and more natural ingredients.

The right diet will even cause your dog’s health improve. Why not consider this for the long term?

 If All Else Fails, Deodorize Your Dog

Yes your dog can have its own deodorant. Pet friendly deodorizers counter the smells on their fur. There are many flavors so your home won’t smell clinical.

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Remember To Wash Its Home Too

The moment your dog takes a nap on its bed old smells will cling to its fur again. You’ll think your dog smells bad all the time. In reality you’re not taking care of all the odor sources.

Wash dog bedding on the same day you wash your dog so you don’t have to repeat your hard work.

We hope these user friendly tips will help you care better for your pet, and increase your chances of a successful house sale. You can get the ball rolling right now with a FurBabs brush. And come and share your thoughts with us when you’re done. We would love to hear how we can improve our product even more!


How to get rid of dog smell without removing the dog

Selling a home is stressful enough, so why not simplify things with effective odor removal. These tried-and-true natural tips can be used on your home and your dog!

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