How Important Is A Clean Hair Brush? You May Be Surprised

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How often do you clean your hair brushes? Some people keep their brushes and other hair care tools diligently clean on a regular basis, because for them having a clean hair brush is high on their list of priorities. Much like cleaning or replacing your make up sponges, giving your hair brushes a thorough clean is generally something that most people know they should do, but just never quite get around to doing. But as it turns out, a clean hair brush is more than just a matter of personal hygiene.

Why Your Hair Brushes Are Probably Dirtier Than You Think

When you look into the research on hair brushes, you might start to feel a slight pinch of shame when you realize just how neglected your haircare tools can sometimes be. After all, brushes are similar to carpets and sponges in that they can look perfectly clean, but they actually consist of tiny pores that trap dirt, dust, oils, and even dust mites.

But hold on to your hats (or your bobby pins) because here is the worst part about not taking the time to keep a clean hair brush. No matter how freshly washed your hair is, even if you just stepped out of the shower – or worse, stepped out of a beauty salon – when you use an unclean hair brush on your hair you are redepositing all the old hair products, dust, grease, oil, and dead skin cells back into your hair. Just imagine how that looks under a microscope, and you might be tempted to throw all your old hair brushes away and start afresh.

Luckily there is no need to throw away your old hair brushes, because cleaning them is not as difficult or time-consuming as it may sound.

How To Clean A Hair Brush – Start By Removing The Hair

For most people embarking on the task of cleaning their hair brush for the first time for a long time (or perhaps for the first time forever), this first step may be the most time-consuming. Use a pen, pick, or other long, thin device to start loosening the matted hair from the bottom of your brush. Dig right down to the bottom, against the pad of the hair brush, and you’ll find the matted layer of hair begin to rise.

Once there is enough of a gap between the pad of the brush and the hair, use a pair of scissors to snip the hair into a few smaller pieces. This will make removing those pieces a lot easier than trying to remove the one matted sheet in one go.

You will most likely notice a fair amount of grease and dust under the hair: this gives you an idea of the trapped dust, oil, grease, and leftover hair product that you have been reapplying to your hair every time you’ve used your dirty hair brush in the past.

If you use a round brush rather than a flat paddle brush, use the same technique on one side, then do the same on the other side. You may find that there are some hairs trapped around the edge of your brush, where the bristles meet the handle: these can be quite difficult to isolate and remove.

Now Your Hair-Free Brush Needs A Wash And Dry

Now that you can see the base of your brush without all that all hair in the way, it’s time to give your brush a clean. The temptation might be to soak your brush, but that is not recommended. Instead, make a mixture 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of shampoo in a cup of water, and use a toothbrush or other small cleaning brush to clean your hair brush all over. Pay particular attention to the base or pad, along with each individual bristle, starting at the bottom and moving upwards. You may even unearth a few more rogue hairs using this method.

When you’re done, weekly rinse your hair brush under clean water and leave it on a towel to air dry, bristles down.

Or, Use An Anti-Static Brush That Cleans Itself

Now that you know exactly how to clean your regular hair brush, we’ll tell you the good news. ForBabs, the new name in anti static hair brushes, has created a brush that is so easy to clean it practically cleans itself.

The X-Static ForWomen incorporates individual sheets in one product that not only remove the static from your hair, but also rid the brush of oils, dust, and hair that would otherwise have accumulated in a regular brush.

For this reason, using the X-Static is the only sure way of having a continually clean hair brush without going through the process of removing old hair and scrubbing out old product, dust, dirt, and other nasties that accumulate in a traditional hair brush if not cleaned on a regular basis.

Not only will the ForBabs anti-static brush save you time while styling your hair every morning, it will also save you the time that you otherwise would have spent cleaning your traditional paddle or round bristle brush, or the money you would have spent buying a new one.

How often do you clean your hair brush? Let us know in the comments, and please like and share!

How often do you clean your hairbrushes? Some people keep their brushes and other hair care tools diligently clean on a regular basis because for them having a clean hairbrush is high on their list of priorities. Much like cleaning or replacing your make up sponges, giving your hairbrushes a thorough clean is generally something…

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