Most Extreme Cat And Dog Grooming Looks On And Off The Show Circuit

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There are millions of pet owners in the United States and the majority of pets are dogs and cats. We take a look at some of the craziest cat and dog grooming styles around and how you can look after your pets’ fur at home.

Americans love their animals. It’s estimated that there are  78 million dogs and 85.8 million living as pets United States.

Just under half of all households in the United States own a dog, and just over a third have a cat.

Correct Cat And Dog Grooming Is Essential Pet Ownership Knowledge

All pet owners should be familiar with cat and dog grooming. It’s an important part of pet care. You can choose to take your dog or cat to a professional groomer or do it yourself at home.

If you want to spoil your beloved pet at home, invest in a pet hair brush. Why not spend a few minutes every other day brushing your pet’s hair? It can be a wonderful bonding experience.

There are some really unusual and extreme styles in terms of pet grooming.

Let’s take a look at some of the best, and sometimes funniest, hairstyles (or should that be fur-styles?) for cat and dog grooming – both on and off the show circuit.

1. Poodle Pom Pom Cut

You probably can’t go past a standard poodle shaved into a show cut when it comes to fancy grooming. I think it would be the first image that comes to mind when we think of a poodle!

Poodles have one of the most versatile shapes and type of fur for grooming. Pet owners and professional groomers are able to experiment with many different styles. Poodles can be trimmed neatly all over or carefully shaved and trimmed to feature the classic “pompom effect“.

2. Shih Tzu Show Cut

It doesn’t matter whether your Shih Tzu is male or female, the top knot is one of this breed’s most recognizable hair styles!

You can style a top knot on your Shih Tzu by gathering some of your pet’s hair together and securing it with a cute clip or ribbon. You can keep the hair in the top knot long, but it’s best trim the body hair fairly short to make sure your dog is comfortable.

Show dogs will always have a extravagant top knot. In addition, the hair on the rest of the dog’s body will be long and flowing. Owners have to brush their dogs’ hair several times a day in order to reduce painful tangles and keep the coat shiny.

This is definitely not a style for the average pet owner and it’s important that the dog does not overheat with such a long coat in the warmer weather.

3. Bichon Frise Show Cut

How cute are these little balls of fluff?

The show cut is required for all Bichon Frise dogs who will compete in shows. As this look is cut only with scissors, only take your Bichon Frise to a professional dog groomer with experience with this breed.

To keep the fur soft and clear of tangles and mats, extensive daily brushing and combing is required.

What About Cats? Do We Need To Groom Them?

When it comes to felines, most people wouldn’t expect them to undergo any grooming transformations. Cats take care of it all themselves, right?


The main reason a cat owner would choose to have their cat’s hair cut or clipped is for comfort and practicality. For long-haired cats in particular, the summer months can be torturous for overheating. Clipping back the fur will assist the cat to remain cool. It will also lessen shedding and reduce potential nasty fur balls.

1. Lion Cut

As the name suggests, the lion cut will leave your kitty with a mane to rival the fiercest of lions!

The groomer will shave the fur close to the body and leave the ruff and head full. He or she will also shave the cat’s legs and can leave the tail full or cut it with a pom pom on the end!

2. Tiger Cut

Much more practical than the lion cut, the tiger cut evens out the cat’s fur to the same length all over. This cut is going to be much more comfortable (and less embarrassing) for your cat.

3. Dino Cut Dragon Kitty

This one is definitely for the more extreme cat owner. The cat groomer will expertly shave the cat’s body except for the fur along its spine. This is kept long and shaped into spikes. Some groomers even dye the cats’ fur into all the colors of the rainbow!

Do you own a dog or a cat? Do you enjoy grooming your pet or do you leave it up to the professionals? Let me know in the comments below!


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