Can You Brush Hair Extensions And 5 Other Questions About That

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Can You Brush Hair Extensions And 5 Other Questions About That

In this article we look at hair extensions. What they are made from, how they are put in and the best way to look after them.

Have you ever seen a woman with lustrous, thick, cascading hair and wondered how does she get such amazing hair? Well, often her hair is not all hers. In fact, very often the secret will be hair extensions!

1. What Are Hair Extensions Made From?

Extensions are usually made out of human hair or synthetic hair. They are available in a multitude of colors and textures. To choose the right one for you, find hair extensions that are closest to your natural hair.

2. How Are Hair Extensions Applied?

You can have hair extensions taped in, bonded or clipped in. Tape-in extensions are made of adhesive gel strips and the gentlest option. Bonded extensions should be keratin-based. Clip-ins are made of hair combs that attach to the hair.

3. Can You Brush Hair Extensions?

Of course you can brush hair extensions, but you have to be very, very careful with them. Even without hair extensions, if you brush too hard you can damage your hair. It’s even worse with hair extensions in. Not only do you risk breaking your natural hair, you can also rip out your extensions along with your own hair!

Divide your hair and pin or tie the top half up. Brush out your natural hair (you can be a bit more vigorous )with this but do make sure you use the right hairbrush for your hair. Why not try a smoothing anti static brush for your hair extensions?

Hair extensions can tangle and  knot quite easily. Once you get to this section of your hair, take your time. Starting at the tips, work your way up to your scalp, rather than running the brush straight from top to bottom. You really don’t want to risk getting the brush caught on the extensions and pulling them out.

As you cannot brush your extensions “normally”, you are unable to distribute the natural oils (sebum) from your scalp to the ends of your tresses. That’s why it is super important to use a serum or hair oil to protect from dry ends.

4. How Often Should You Wash Hair Extensions?

Right after you have hair extensions put it, you are not supposed to wash your hair for a couple of days.  After that, treat your hair extensions like your own hair.

Make sure your shampoo is free from sulfate. You should also condition your hair, but keep it on the lower half of your hair. You don’t want to weaken the bonds of your extensions.

5. How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

You can get both clip-in and permanent extensions. Clip-ins are temporary, so they work well for a special event or occasion.

Permanent extensions can remain on your hair anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months. Give your hair and scalp a break of at least one week before getting more extensions.

Incorrect removal of hair extensions can result in bald patches in your hair. Make sure you have your extensions put in and removed by experienced professionals.

6. Can You Style Hair Extensions With Heat Tools?

Your hair extensions will look their best (and most natural) when you take care with styling them. If you have human-hair extensions, they will hold style well. Synthetic hair doesn’t hold shape like natural hair and looks and feels fake.

Do you have hair extensions? How long have you had them? What are your top tips for keeping them looking great? Let me know in the comments below. 


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