When Grooming Turns Into Saving-Helping Harvey’s Four-Legged Survivors

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Yes, natural disasters produce stories of hope. There are many disheartening images of the suffering brought about by Hurricane Harvey and Irma. Thanks to people with big hearts there are stories of hope too.

Because pets suffered animal lovers were concerned. Many of them pushed past feeling worried and took action.

Animal lovers from across the country travelled to flooded areas. This is much more than simply volunteering at a local shelter to help groom or walk dogs. They took it upon themselves to find animals and take them to safety. Sadly many owners left pets at home. Some even tied them up which limited their chances of survival.

During rescue operations, many animals were saved by brave volunteers. And they didn’t stop there. They started caring for them.

Some volunteers built cages while others fed, walked and groomed them. It’s vitally important to remove dirt and grime. This is necessary so diseases don’t set in & complicate the situation. In the wet surrounds, baths are impractical. That’s why the animals need thorough brushing.

Details about pets were also recorded to help reunite them with owners or find new homes for them. Eventually, there were many happy endings to some heart-wrenching stories.

There’s the little Chihuahua Lizzie who found a new home in Washington with Kayla. This is thanks to volunteers who transport the animals from the hurricane-stricken areas to their hometowns.

Animal lovers queue at shelters for the honor of taking in these abandoned or lost animals.

Because of people’s actions, other animals found their original owners again. Aaron was simply driving along when an unfamiliar dog jumped into his car. The dog simply wanted to get out of the rain. But Aaron had a plan. He used social media and found Cash’s owner.

This is an ongoing process as both people and pets are still displaced. The area needs volunteers and funds to support these projects. Pet lovers dream of the day when all pets influenced by the hurricanes find permanent homes again.


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