Meet The Nine-Year-Old Twins With Impossibly Frizzy Hair

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Brushing kids’ hair is difficult at the best of times, but spare a thought for Angela Norendal, mother to nine-year-old twins Anja and Agnetha with frizzy hair due to their Uncombable Hair Syndrome.

So rare that there are only around 100 documented cases in the world, Uncombable Hair Syndrome causes uncontrollably frizzy hair that is filled with static.

Given that the twins are two of only about 100 cases of Uncombable Hair Syndrome in the world, it is highly likely that they are the only set of twins to suffer from the condition.

The twins’ mother started to notice that something was unusual about the girls’ hair when it first started to grow. Angela’s older daughter, Yannika, had normal hair as she grew up, but something was definitely unusual about the twins’ hair when it started to grow.

Noticing that their hair had an “oddly coarse texture,” the twins’ mother mentioned it to their family doctor at their next routine appointment. It was the doctor who suggested that Anja and Agnetha likely had Uncombable Hair Syndrome.

Another indicator of Uncombable Hair Syndrome is the color of the hair, with the twins’ having the same white-blonde hair as other people with the syndrome.

Their hair also grows exceptionally slowly: so slowly, in fact, that the girls, now nine-years-old, have only had three haircuts in their lives. A total of about two inches has been cut off their hair in their lifetimes.

Taming The Girls’ Frizzy Hair

To deal with their frizzy hair, Angela says that she only washed their hair once per week and uses very little shampoo, as it makes the frizziness worse. She does use a lot of conditioner, though, saying that she goes through a whole bottle per hair wash.

Angela uses a special brush for frizzy hair to keep her girls’ hair somewhat under control and to stop it from becoming matted.


Nine-year-old twins suffer from rare condition meaning their frizzy, static hair is IMPOSSIBLE to tame

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