The Day Emilia Clarke Turned Into Daenerys For Good

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At last real-life resembles fiction. Though some people don’t think of Emilia Clarke in any other hair color than white—not blonde but white—the Game of Thrones actress actually likes her tresses brown. Until now.

Emilia took a leap of faith this week and dyed her hair white. The correct term is probably platinum blonde but all GoT supporters know it’s actually silvery white. In the popular series Emilia plays a queen Daenerys Targaryen. Her long white tresses serve as the crown she has been fighting for throughout the seven seasons of the HBO show.

And no this is not another celebrity hoax. Emilia tweeted a photo of her transformation herself. In the photo on Instagram her facial expression shows excitement. Shy may not be quite sure whether it was a good or bad decision. This was echoed by her accompanying text “AAAAHHHHHHH SHHHHIIIII****** I done did it”.

But Emilia seems to be ready for anything. How else would she portray the role of a fierce yet loving leader?

According to her Instagram post, the transformation was done in collaboration with GoT hair stylists. At least she knew she was in good hands. GoT sported excellent looks since its first episodes aired in 2011. When Daenerys is dressed up her hair is never frizzy or even has one strand out of place. That’s proof of experts that use the right hair care products, hair brushes and years of skill.

In the world acclaimed TV series Daenerys challenges men, women and dragons. Now Emelia faced a change many women are too cautious to try out. Going from dark brown to blonde overnight is no small feat. Colouring can also result in hair getting dryer leaving hair static. Hair color also influences your entire look.

Luckily Emilia has video footage that proves she can wear blonde hair with pride. While the world awaits the next season of Game of Thrones her post may prompt a few fans to try new blonde looks themselves.


Emilia Clarke Just Became Daenerys in Real Life: See Her Blonde Hair

Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke transforms into her Khaleesi character by dying her hair

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