Dog Owners Opt For DIY Grooming Over Dog Grooming Industry Concerns

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Dog groomers are one of a small section of industries that are completely unregulated. While some groomers choose to belong to national grooming associations, such memberships are voluntary and do not provide any indication as to a groomer’s experience or training. Groomers may know how to wield the best grooming brush for your dog, but do they know what to do in an emergency?

While rare, injuries and deaths at a dog grooming salon are not unheard of. Hot dryers and negligent groomers are just two of the reasons why dogs have died while in the short-term care of a dog groomer, and the risk of other injuries are just as great.

Recently, a pug named Milo died while having his nails clipped at a routine dog grooming appointment.

Taking Matters – And Your Best Grooming Brush – Into Your Own Hands

While some in the pet grooming business are working hard to instill standards for groomers across the industry, many pet owners are taking matters – and the best grooming brush – into their own hands and grooming their pets themselves.

But for animal owners who do not have the time or the expertise to groom their own dogs, how can they protect themselves and their four-legged friends from potentially negligent dog groomers?

The advice is to make use of social media and personal recommendations when choosing your groomer. Rather than deciding based solely on price or convenience, choose a groomer that comes highly recommended by someone you know personally or, failing that, someone with plenty of recent, positive reviews online.

And if you ever have a negative experience with a dog groomer, don’t stay silent. Filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and leaving honest reviews on social media could potentially save other animals from harm.

Some incidents could even be serious enough to warrant a police report. After all, animals do not have a voice for themselves, so it is up to their owners to protect their interests, and the interests of other animals.


Lack of dog groomer regulations leave consumers on their own

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