Celebs Reach For Anti Static Brush As Ponytails Dominate Hair Trends

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Ponytails are a classic, timeless look, and they are making a comeback this summer thanks to a few high-profile ponytail-enthusiast celebrities. Ponytails have always been a favorite summer hairstyle, but a few celebrities have upped the ante when it comes to the sometimes-drab hairdo. Now, prepare to reach for your anti static brush as you discover the ponytail secrets of the stars!

When you think of high-profile ponytail trendsetters, first to mind is usually Ariana Grande, perhaps because she is very rarely seen without her signature high pony. The trick to the “Into You” singer’s ponytail success is a variation of the “business at the front, party at the back” theme.

Grande is an expert at achieving a perfectly slicked-back look on top, with a full pony at the back. Fullness in the ponytail can easily be achieved with as low-tech a solution as a salt water spray, while the slicked crown is harder to achieve: or it used to be.

Today, it takes little more than a regular brushing session with an anti static brush to achieve the flawless, no-frizz look that Ariana Grande is so famous for.

Kim Kardashian, on the other hand, had perfected her now-famous “Kim K.” hairstyle which – unlike Ariana Grande’s two-tone pony – is slick from root to tip. While it seems that sleekness all over would be a harder look to achieve, times have changed now that there is an anti static brush that actually works.

Making A Ponytail Work With An Anti Static Brush

The X-Static ForWomen anti static brush is a no frizz hair brush that actually works, and it even features tearaway sheets to keep your brush free from dirt, grease, and dust.

With an anti static brush on your side, achieving a sleek high pony becomes as simple as brushing your hair.


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