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With so many different dog and cat breeds and each having its own unique hair type, it can seem like finding the best grooming brush for your pet is an impossible task. Now, meet the best dog brush that doubles as the best cat brush: for any type of pet hair!


For pet lovers, pets are not just animals who happen to live with us: they’re an important member of the family. Keeping the family dogs and cats happy and healthy is a big priority for good pet owners, and since – with a few notable exceptions – our feline and canine companions tend to be covered head to toe in hair or fur of some description, part of that responsibility includes keeping their coat clean and healthy. That’s where the search for the best grooming brush comes in.

The Search for The Best Grooming Brush for Your Pet

How many different types of grooming brushes have you tried with your family pets? Some pet owners try many different types of combs, brushes, grooming gloves, and other contraptions, constantly on the search for the best grooming brush to suit their pet’s particular needs.

Other pet owners know that the search is likely to be futile (and an expensive one) so they resign themselves to using the same brush or comb that they purchased years ago, even though they freely admit that it doesn’t do justice to their pet’s coat.

FurBabs: It’s the Revolutionary ForBabs X-Static Hair Brush, Now Available for Pets

The team here at ForBabs were tired of the constant search for a hygienic anti static hairbrush that actually worked, and that didn’t soon become dirty and unusable. And since a product of that description didn’t exist, they created one. The ForBabs X-Static Hair Brush was born, and it revolutionized the world of hair care for people of all ages and all hair types who suffer from dry, frizzy, or flyaway hair.

But soon came the inevitable question: “Can I use my ForBabs X-Static hair brush on my pet?”

The Search for The Best Grooming Brush for Your Pet

Understanding that people were just as concerned about finding the perfect grooming solution for their family pet as they were for themselves, the team at ForBabs used the same technology found in the ForBabs X-Static hair brush and created the FurBabs (get it?), the world’s first pet brush with refillable tear-away sheets, offering an all-in-one solution to keep your pet smelling fresh and clean while brushing and de-shedding.

Why the refillable, tearaway sheets? For the same reason that women either purchase a new hairbrush every few months or cringingly use their own favorite (albeit filthy) brush for years on end: because even the best grooming brush will get dirty, filled to the brim with old hair, oil, dust (and dust mites), and dirt.

But not so with the FurBabs pet brush, as the individual tearaway sheets not only keep your dog or cat smelling fresh and boasting a shiny coat, they also rid the brush of hair, dirt, and everyday dust. That means you won’t need to continually replace the best grooming brush you’ve ever found for your pet, nor will you need to painstakingly clean it after every use.

Just tear away the current sheet, and let the next sheet take the brunt of the next grooming session. Easy.

Other Tips for A Healthy, Shiny Animal Coat

Now that you’ve finally found the best grooming brush for your dog or cat – regardless of their breed, size, or hair type – you’re free to micro manage and focus on other elements that can impact on the health and shine of your pet’s coat.

Now you've finally found the best grooming brush for your dog or cat.
  • Shampoo with an oatmeal base is an inexpensive, natural way to help pets with sensitive skin. If you find your dog scratches more than normal but is definitely flea-free, switching to an oatmeal based dog shampoo could solve the problem.
  • Fish oil is not only a fantastic supplement to maintain your cat or dog’s joint health into later life, but it also has amazing benefits for your pet’s hair and skin.
  • Don’t forget to wash your pet’s face when bathing them. The easiest and gentlest method is to wet a washcloth and wipe around your pet’s eyes, nose, mouth, and gently inside their ears.
  • Matted hair is not only unsightly, it can be extremely uncomfortable or even painful for your pet. Imagine just how tightly that matted hair must be pulling on the animal’s skin, and you’ll get an idea of the discomfort that could be being felt. A common area for matted hair to form is behind an animal’s ears or, for long-haired breeds, between their toes. Be vigilant in checking these areas regularly and cutting out any mats that are starting to form.


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