How Do Anti Static Hair Brushes Work?

How Do Anti Static Hair Brushes Work?

If you’ve ever watched the TV show Friends, you will most likely remember the episodes set in Barbados where Monica’s naturally beautiful curly hair turned into a frizzy mess. It’s just a shame that anti static hair brushes didn’t exist back then!

When you think of a bad hair day, for many people it is something akin to Monica’s uncontrollably frizzy “Barbados hair” that comes to mind. And in many cases, the cause is static electricity.

Somehow static electricity finds a way to attack people’s hair at the worst possible time: like when you’re running late for an appointment and don’t have time for your normal hair care routine, you’ve finally gathered your entire extended family for a professional photo shoot, or you’re at your high school reunion.

Luckily, anti static hair brushes can completely eradicate frizzy hair and other problems caused by static, and they take a minute or less to use. Read on for our styling tips for curly hair, and find out how anti static hair brushes really work.

How Static Charges Are Created

Static charges are created every time you dry brush a surface, for whatever reason. And static charges should never be underestimated, as up to 30,000 V of static charge can be created simply by wearing leather shoes and sliding across a carpet on a dry day.

Electrical resistance is determined by the amount of moisture in the air, meaning that the situation is worsened by cold outdoor air or dry indoor air.

Static: Wreaking Havoc On Your Hair

When you comb your hair with a plastic brush or comb, the negative charges in your hair move to the comb, leaving your hair positively charged. With each individual hair now being positively charged, they repel each other – just as the positive sides of two magnets will repel each other – the appearance of flyaway hair. Basically, your individual strands of hair are doing their best to move away from each other, but since there is nowhere else to go, the best they can do is to stand on end, creating an uncontrollable frizzy look.

People with fine, straight hair tend to have more problems with static than those with orderly, thick, or naturally curly hair, although all hair types can be affected by static electricity to some extent.

DIY Methods of Removing Static from A Conventional Hair Brush

A traditional hair brush that is statically charged will continue to perpetuate the problem. If you’re still using an old-style hair brush rather than one of the new anti static hair brushes, it makes sense to remove the static electricity from your brush regularly.

Follow these simple steps to remove the static from your hair brush:

  • Use a spray bottle to spray a small amount of water on your brush. A small amount of moisture on the bristles can go a long way towards getting rid of static electricity.
  • A small amount of hairspray on both your hair and your hair brush can also help eliminate static electricity.
  • Dryer sheets work just as well at removing static on a hair brush as they do in the dryer.

As a bonus, gently rubbing a dryer sheet on your brush will give it a lovely fresh linen fragrance, too.

If you find that the above tips still aren’t preventing static build-up on your traditional brush on a daily basis, it may be a problem with your shampoo, conditioner, or other hair products. Letting your hair retain its natural oil prevents the build-up of static, so avoid washing your hair daily with shampoo likely to strip the oil from your hair.

If you’re in the market for a new shampoo, keep an eye out for products that contain one or more of the following ingredients, which are known to help eliminate static:

  • stearamidaproply dimethylamine
  • quaternion 18
  • polyquaternium

The Basics of Anti Static Hair Brushes

Rather than struggling to remove static build-up in your traditional hair brush on a regular basis, consider purchasing a new brush. ForBabs is the new name in anti static hair brushes, and its X-Static ForWomen is a patent-pending hair styling brush that solves static and frizz problems with a simple brush of the hair.

The X-Static range of anti static hair brushes are the first and only brush to incorporate individual sheets in one portable, convenient, and easy to use product, solving the problem of frizzy and flyaway hair caused by static electricity once and for all.

Would you try an anti static hair brush? Let us know in the comments, and please like and share!

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