How Do Anti Static Hair Brushes Work?

How Do Anti Static Hair Brushes Work?

Do you live in a place prone to really cold or dry conditions?  Does your hair seem to become hard to manage? Read of to find out how anti static hair brushes will change your life!

Get The Flyaways Under Control!

Trying to tame flyaway, or staticky hair can be a nightmare!  No matter what you do, strands of hair seem to move out of place and stand up on end.

Did you know that the type of hair brush you use on your hair can increase or reduce hair flyaways?

In most cases, the cause of unruly hair is static electricity.

What is Static Electricity?

We need to first understand that everything is made up of atoms and atoms contain protons, electrons and neutrons. Protons are positively charged, electrons are negatively charged, and neutrons are neutral.

Opposite charges attract each other and like charges repel each other. (Think of a magnet and you get the idea ). In most cases, an object is neutral, meaning that the positive and negative charges are balanced.

Static electricity is generated when there is an imbalance between negative and positive charges in a given object. These charges build up until they are released or discharged. For example, through an electric shock.

Electrical resistance is determined by the amount of moisture in the air. This means that there is more static electricity in dry air.

How Static Electricity in Hair Can Wreak Havoc

When you run a plastic brush or comb through your hair, the negative charges in your hair move to the comb. This leaves your hair positively charged. If every individual strand is positively charged, they end up repelling each other. This is the cause of flyaway hair.

Basically, each strand of hair is trying to move away from one next to it! They end up stand out straight from the scalp, making your hair uncontrollable.

People with fine, straight hair tend to have more problems with static.  Those with orderly, thick, or naturally curly hair may not notice is as much, though all hair types can be affected by static electricity to some extent.

How to Remove Static From Hair

If you use a traditional hair brush you will need to remove the static from it before brushing your hair. This will also help to eliminate static from your hair.

Follow these simple steps to remove the static from your hair brush:

1. Use a spray bottle to spray a small amount of water on your brush. Moisture on the bristles helps get rid of static electricity.

2. Spritz some hairspray on both your hair and your hair brush.

3. Try using a dryer sheet. These are specifically designed to remove static. Just rub the bristles with the the dryer sheet. As a bonus it will give your brush a lovely fresh fragrance!

If you still find that you are getting static build-up on your traditional brush, it could be something to do with your hair products. Letting your hair retain its natural oil prevents the build-up of static.  Avoid washing your hair daily as this tends to strip the oil from your hair.

When looking for a good shampoo to combat static or frizz, look for one or more of the following ingredients:

  • stearamidaproply dimethylamine
  • quaternion 18
  • polyquaternium

Behold the Wonders of Anti Static Hair Brushes!

Rather than struggling to remove static build-up in your traditional hair brush, why not consider purchasing a brand new anti static hairbrush?

Anti static hair brushes can actually completely eradicate static from hair, making them the perfect hair brush for frizzy hair and those prone to flyaways.

Check out the brand new ForBabs X-Static ForWomen. This ingenious patent-pending styling tool will solve all your static and frizz problems with a simple brush of your hair.

The X-Static anti static hair brush is the first and only of its kind on the market. It actually incorporates individual sheets into the brush itself.  Not only do the sheets eliminate static electricity, they also prevent a build up of hair, oils and products on the brush. The sheets are easily removed from the brush and are refillable.


Do you think an anti static hair brush would be perfect for you? Or have you used one? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!



How Does Static Electricity Work?


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